Sonic love travels in many dimensions and as it relates to music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal force and undoubtedly, amongst the most respected DJ’s in the United States, a West Coast legend.

Many associate him with “DEEP,” the illustrious event (16 years running) that he nurtured in his hometown of Los Angeles-thriving and continuing today for well over 16 years.  He was voted Best DJ of 2014 by LA WEEKLY.  Marques’ sets are known to turn huge dance floors into an intimate ritual.

You tend to use some beautiful worldly sounds. What inspired the use of often tribal or native instrumentation?

I’ve always been attracted to drums and other ethnic aural textures.  However,  I heard them in a different way via the ikaros of the shaman and my ancestors drumming during several ayahuasca journeys.  It felt quite natural to move towards a heavier tribal influence in this next phase of my musical evolution.

What was the defining moment in your life that made you want to pursue music full time?

There was no real defining moment other than coming to the realization that my life had been one big defining moment riddled with music.  I had a series of serendipitous occurrences that left me feeling that the music chose me, rather than vice versa.

You use the term “Sonic Love” to describe your music. What does that term mean to you and how is it reflected in your work?

When I use the term “sonic love”, I immediately get a visual of every note and rhythm played penetrating every cell of those in its path.  Luring the love that resides inside us all to the surface to be expressed.

How did DEEP-LA get its start and what type of person does it attract?

I had just stepped away from another event I had been doing for 8 years, as it felt it had run its course.  I was then called to bring another vision to fruition.  DEEP began at the Viper Room and soon outgrew the place, so we moved to larger venues to accommodate its burgeoning tribe of committed house music enthusiasts.  I had no idea it would have such staying power, but I am grateful for all the people it has touched.  It attracts those who want to revel in deep soul expression, leave the stress of the week behind them, while dispersing and receiving love.  REAL DANCERS.

What will you bring to the Woogie Weekend that is uniquely Marques Wyatt?

What I will bring to Woogie Weekend is welcoming the one DIVINE creative force to express itself through and as me.  It’s what truly sets us apart, as we have all have something special to share.  No planned set.  Just tuning into the unique congregation before me and trusting the music will land where needed.
Be sure to check out DEEP-LA and follow Marques on Facebook to see his live performances around the world.
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