How To Pull Off An Amazing Adult-Only Summer Party!

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When is the last time you got together with friends and family? If you’re like most adults, life tends to get in the way of you taking time to do things you enjoy. Fortunately, the summertime is the perfect season to take a break from the daily norms and catch up with loved ones. The best part is, you don’t have to travel very far as the backyard is a great location for fun, entertainment, great food, drinks, and more. Check out these tips to pull off an amazing adult-only summer party

Send Out Invites In Advance

Since it’s a gathering for adults only, you want to give your guests enough time to plan. They may need to take off from work or find a sitter for the kids if they plan on attending. Giving them at least 30 days notice is recommended. Digital invites are ideal because you can send them out in an instant and manage your guest list and requests in real-time. 

Pick A Theme

Just like kids enjoy party themes surrounding their favorite television show, movie, or personal interests, adults like the concept as well. Add to the thrill of your summer gathering by coming up with a theme. Themes also make it easier to select decorations, menu items, games, and entertainment.

If you have a chance to throw a themed party with a swimming pool that will give you a chance to be more creative and organize interesting activities for your guests. You can add pool hammocks, outdoor swings, floaties, water balls, etc to your pool. Besides the swimming space, it is important to decorate its surroundings according to your theme.

Adding a macrame swing hammock to your backyard will help you to create a fancy relaxing place. If you are looking to create your own little amusement park you can add custom blow-up inflatables to your garden which will create a pleasant atmosphere for all your guests. You could host a luau and turn your backyard into a beautiful Hawaiian oasis or have a little adult fun with a night in Las Vegas. 

Decide On A Menu

What’s a summer gathering without great food and refreshing drinks? Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to figure out what you want to serve your guests. You can keep it simple with traditional backyard barbecue foods like burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and sides. If you’re going with a tropical theme, roast pork and delicacies with pineapple and cultural seasonings work wonders. Don’t forget to consider guests with religious or dietary issues that prevent them from eating certain foods. 

As for drinks, you’ll want to ensure you have non-alcoholic and alcoholic options available. Alcohol freeze pops are the perfect addition to the menu as they keep guests cool in the summertime heat. You can also create a few mixed drinks to fit your themes. Just ensure you have basics like red and white wine, a few brands of beer, and drinks like juice, water, and soda. 

Adults Like Games Too!

While having a killer playlist playing in the background is recommended, don’t overlook how fun games can be for adults. If you want your guests to have a great time, the right games can get them in the mood. There’s no shortage of options. You can keep it simple with cards and charades or purchase trivia games, puzzles, and other fun board and card games to get everyone engaged. 

Prepare Your Home

Now that you’ve finished the details of your summer backyard gathering, it’s time to prepare your home. While the bulk of the activities will be outdoors, you still want to ensure the common areas are clean. If someone needs to use the restroom or access the kitchen, you don’t want the house to look a mess. 

Next, move outdoors. Start with basic backyard chores like cleaning up debris, cutting the grass, and trimming the trees. Clean off your lawn furniture and either purchase or rent more to accommodate your guests. If you’re going to be using the grill, ensure that it’s clean and ready to go. Create a comfortable seating area for everyone to gather and talk, dance, or play games. 

Friends and family are some of the most special people in your life. Don’t let distractions like work, school, relationships, or your home life to prevent you from spending time with those you love. The summer is the perfect time to host an event in your backyard. As long as you keep the tips above in mind, you and your guests are sure to have a blast. 

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Written by Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home improvement and interior design. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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