Thinking Of Moving To An Unfamiliar City? Check Out These Tips First

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Moving to an unfamiliar city can be a thrilling experience, but it requires thorough preparation. A new place means new people, restaurants, grocery stores, and events which can be overwhelming for a newcomer. To easily navigate the move, below are five tips for moving to an unfamiliar city.

Financial Planning

Moving is expensive, so you need to have a moving budget with at least a few months’ rent, security deposit, and enough money for utilities such as gas, water, and electricity.

Suppose you leave your furniture, budget for a storage unit. Also, it would be best if you planned for relocating expenses such as moving company bills, car transportation costs, and any extra moving fees.

Other expenses include:

  • Mortgage payments
  • New appliances, furnishings, and furniture
  • Insurance costs
  • Emergency savings
  • Entertainment costs

It would be best if you also considered finding a reliable source of income in the new city to afford living there. Another financial tip is to update your mailing address with financial institutions for mailing purposes and collect your security deposit from the landlord. To make more money, you can sell your appliances and furniture online or through a sale.

Go Exploring

To get more comfortable with the move, it’s key to get out and explore as often as possible. This will prevent you from getting lost and make post-move acclimatization easier.

To efficiently explore:

  • Start by exploring the neighborhood you are relocating to
  • Use a map or a local guide
  • Find all the essential places, such as supermarkets, grocery stores, car maintenance stations, parks, hangout spots, and significant landmarks.
  • Keep your phone in hand always to know your exact location
  • Visit all tourist attractions and learn the city’s history
  • Watch out for suspicious people, such as pickpockets
  • Indulge in local cuisines
  • Take time to learn about available commute options that are bus systems, cars, and train routes.
  • Document the trip on camera
  • Go for bus tours if they are available

Use A Productivity App

Using an app such as Nextdoor will help you settle in an unfamiliar city. Nextdoor is a networking app that facilitates neighbors and local communities to connect. It is available on the web or mobile. In addition, it offers programs such as Sponsored Posts and Local Deals.

All you have to do is create an account to access features, including receiving entertainment recommendations, local news updates, hiring professionals (babysitters, plumbers, etc.), and household items sales. When it comes to user etiquette, users are encouraged to report any Nextdoor racism and other forms of hate speech they encounter on the platform. Doing so helps to make Nextdoor a place for neighbors to come together.


Packing for the move is time-consuming but essential for making settling easy. First, gather packing supplies such as boxes, wrapping paper, markers, bubble wrap, and sealing tape. Next, create an inventory of all your possessions, and start packing early to avoid leaving anything behind.

Start packing up hard rooms such as the garage and attic, label all your items for easy unpacking, and break down the furniture into smaller parts. Also, donate perishable items to charity and store what you are not taking with you.

Remember to throw away any flammable material, such as paint cans, bid friends and family goodbye, and give back the keys to the property owner.

Pack strategically by finishing with your essentials, including:

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Dinnerware
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Keys
  • Snacks
  • Medical kits
  • Computers, phones, and their chargers

Prevent Loneliness

An unfamiliar city can make a person lonely or depressed, especially if you don’t know anyone. You can avoid this by constant communication with family and friends from your former city. Also, take advantage of opportunities to meet new people, such as meeting neighbors, visiting the local coffee shop, and signing up for dance, gym, or yoga classes.

You can hang out with your co-workers or find people through social media. When exploring the city, you should talk to the locals and learn more about events and other socialization activities. In addition, you can locate specific organizations and offer to volunteer or join a church.

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Written by Daphne Panchak

Writer. Wife, mother and pet parent. Outdoor enthusiast. I believe in living life to the fullest and finding value in everyday lessons.

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