Montreal-based Producer Alicia Hush Captures Ears and Hearts

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Ontario-born, Montreal-based producer, Alicia Hush is catching ears and hearts with a diverse array of expression and energy.

Alicia’s sound and vibe, the very embodiment of a life lived creating, dancing to and inspired by music. Her raison d’être, to be moved by music and to do the same for others.

Her live performance, an energized bouncy affair that stimulates both brain and body. A sweet and subtle absurdity giving way to a bad ass barrage of heavy basslines, silly vocals and crispy crunchy sounds that that have us grooving, wooooting, laughing and moving… taking us from the deep dark to the silly and carefree; holding true to only one common ground………. music that moves you.

2014 marked the launch of Alicia’s new label; the Hushlamb Label Project which she runs out of Montreal with Sarah Lamb.

1. What is signature about your music?

Big groovy bass lines, tight percussion, quirky voices

2. What is your relationship to Montreal? (i.e. do you live here, have you moved here, did you used to live here)

I lived in Montreal for almost five years and loved every moment!  This past March I decided to pack up and do some travelling around Europe, play gigs and discover what the universe has in store for me next!

3. Name your three favorite sounds.

Bass, snare, anything silly

4. Which genre of electronic music do you most identify with and how do you see it changing over the next few years?

Uff…always a tough question.  I often call the music I make “minimal house” because it’s pretty stripped down…with a warm groove…and splashes of techno.  My music is constantly evolving just like the genres I tend to fall into…I’m excited to see where it all goes!  

5. What excites you about performing at MUTEK and what can we expect from your set?

Mutek is a beautiful festival!  I’m very excited to play outside, making people boogey in the sunshine (no rain allowed).  You can expect some heavy groove from me that day!

Be sure to follow Alicia Hush and upcoming show performers on her website, Facebook and Instagram!

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Written by Millennial Staff

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