Christmas is right around the corner! And although holiday decor and quintessential Christmas ornaments hit retail stores right after Halloween, it never seems to solve the inevitable last minute gift hunt.

While Black Friday Deals may have piqued your interest in self-gifting, you’re probably now scratching your head trying to figure out what to get someone who has everything. Because let’s face it, we all have MORE than enough.

But as the season for giving would have it, just the mere sight of wrapping paper puts a smile on a face. So to help you spread that holiday cheer, here are a few last minute gift ideas that won’t break your bank or leave you labeled a Bah Humbug.

Box Subscription

Box subscriptions are nothing new, but each year the products and services that hit the market are becoming increasingly cooler. Take Vellabox for instance. Now you can gift handcrafted locally made artisan candles right to your beloved’s doorstep. And with the nights growing longer, a little extra light is the perfect holiday treat. Gift packages start as low as $10/mo with a minimum 3-month order.

Christmas Snacks

The best gifts are often ones that are perishable. Why? Because they usually taste amazing and an instant purpose. Whether its coffee or pears, gifting something edible is always a great idea.

Want something pretty and delicious? Try the 16-piece Holiday Collection from Christopher Elbow Chocolates. With flavors that include Spiced Caramel Apple, Mulled Wine, Egg Nog, and Gingerbread among others, these chocolates are the best way to capture the season in one bite.

Holiday Spirits

Cocktails have become an ingrained element of winter celebrations. Gifting alcohol (to your 21+ family and friends, of course) is one of the best ways to deepen bonds and share good laughs.

A unique spirit to consider (if available in your area) is the Israeli hangover-free Tubi 60. This botanical spirit, if paired with citrus and herbs, offers an uplifting welcome to winter. It’s believed the spirit also has enough nourishment to keep the hangovers at bay.

Household Goods

No one can turn down a gift that helps sustainable your health and wellbeing. Household goods that reduce waste AND offer an alternative to toxic chemicals always make for a great present. The Polly Cloth for example is a rag that literally removes bacteria from any surface without the need for a chemical spray.

The fibers in the cloth are scientifically crafted to absorb the germs, making this one of the safest and sustainable additions to any home. The best part is you can pick up a pack of three for $20.

Practical Electronics

With digital streaming pushing out traditional cable, the ultimate gadget for anyone over 50 is a Chromecast! Think about what a game changer this would be for your parents or grandparents who can now stream their favorite YouTube videos from their phones directly to their TVs. Instant gratification…plus now YOU can stream anything too!

Remember, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on someone’s face. Sometimes, that’s what it is really what it is about. Enjoy the Yul Tide and be sure to share your warmth with those you love this Christmas.