A new spirit out of Israel, known as Tubi 60, seems to be gaining traction in the US. Made with high-quality ingredients, including citrus elements, herbs, spices, flower, and tree extracts, the alcoholic beverage is specifically formulated to provide an uplifting and positive effect. With signature craft cocktails being the rage, Tubi 60 is affectionately labeled the drink of “pure happiness”.

Tubi 60 Explodes in Israel

The first bottle of Tubi 60 was created by a pair of brothers back in 2012. Many people outside of the country never heard of it, but this is understandable considering the complete lack of marketing that went into promoting the product. Instead, the tale of Tubi 60 spread the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth.

This did little to hinder its spread throughout Israel. Before the makers knew it, the band Eagles of Death Metal were promoting the drink for free while live on stage. Maybe it’s the organic ingredients that stoked its popularity afterwards, but to be completely honest, it could be the claims that Tubi 60 doesn’t cause hangovers.

Say Goodbye to Hangovers

A low rate of hangovers from Tubi 60 is surprising enough considering the beverage has a 40 percent alcohol content. To put this in perspective, Jagermeister is only 35 percent. What really catches people off guard, though, is the unusual effect that the drink has.

Unlike typical alcohols, Tubi 60 drinkers say they’re more high than drunk when buzzed on the drink. This led many to believe that exotic ingredients were causing the high, but while the drink is made from natural ingredients, there are no illegal substances contained within.

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Purchasing Tubi 60 in America

The flavor of Tubi 60 won’t appeal to everyone immediately. It has a sour taste accompanied by a strong lemon and ginger alcohol bite. In what world, however, would you not give alcohol that doesn’t cause a hangover at least one shot? No pun intended. Now the big question: Where can you buy Tubi 60?

That’s the best news of all. The drink isn’t some secret concoction with unknown side effects. It was deemed safe in Israel, and it complies with American laws as well. This means Tel Aviv Importers, who handle distribution of Tubi 60 in the United States, can now sell the drink throughout the country.

While it took half a decade to make its mark in America, Tubi 60 has completed that journey with no help other than word of mouth. For a drink’s popularity to grow in this manner, it undoubtedly must be something special.