Shorter days and chilly temperatures are an indication that winter is around the corner, and you need to start preparing for this harsh season. The earlier you start your preparations, the better, as the more temperatures drop and it gets wetter, you will be unable to get anything done. Here, we look at five home improvement projects you should consider before winter.

1. Roof repair, maintenance, or replacement

The primary reason why you should hire a roofing professional before winter is that your roof will be put to the test with the extremes of the season. Whether you will be facing heavy snow or severe hailstorms, the only way to stay safe is by having a roof that is winter-ready. This calls for a thorough roof inspection to identify any underlying problems that need to be resolved before more damages are done. If your roof is structurally unsound and has seen its better days, a roof replacement might be necessary.

2. Update your plumbing fixtures and insulate your pipes

Focusing on your plumbing fixtures before winter will help you avoid problems such as outdoor drain damage, plumbing leaks, and burst pipes. Since you do not want the risk of handling any plumbing problem at the peak of winter when it is too costly to repair them, it is best to call your plumber early enough. You should also not forget to insulate your indoor pipes to prevent water from freezing inside them.

3. Maintain your heating system

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is by keeping your house warm, which demands proper maintenance of your heating system. Remember, most HVAC and furnace systems need annual or bi-annual professional care to continue operating safely and efficiently. You should also not forget to inspect your chimney and uncover your vents and radiators to allow for proper airflow. Finally, you will need to check if your carbon monoxide detectors are operating as the dangers of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are higher during winter.

4. Seal those cracks

Studies show that you can save as much as 15% on your heating and cooling costs if you seal cracks around the house before winter. Small openings and gaps on your windows, doors, vents, and outer walls, should be carefully checked and sealed to avoid the inflow of cold air. This will ensure your heating systems do not overwork to maintain proper indoor temperatures as the house stays warm for longer.

5. Insulate your attic, ducts, and foundation

To avoid heat loss during winter, you need to ensure your attics, ducts, and foundation is properly insulated. This should be tackled after properly sealing all areas of your home for ease in determining areas that still need more insulation. You should also not forget to waterproof your basement to prevent structural damages, reduce flooding risks, and protect your sump pump. Cumulatively, these improvements will help keep your house warmer and lower heating costs by reducing humidity in your home.


Nothing makes winter more bearable than a cozy and comfortable house, and these home improvement projects will ensure you leave nothing to chance.