Whether you’ve got products in a new niche or a saturated market, one thing’s for sure: you want to make your merchandise appeal to the masses.

The problem is that many startups and established businesses aren’t using proven tips and tricks to improve the visual appeal of each product they sell. As a result, their market share dwindles, and their businesses can even be at risk of failing.

You’re likely here today because you’ve got a selection of fantastic products you sell online or in a retail environment (or both), but your merchandise isn’t selling like hotcakes! 

Thankfully, this article will give you the inspiration you need to make your products eye-catching. Here’s what you need to know with the following ten tips and tricks:

1. Create Limited Editions

One of the best-known marketing tricks to keep consumers interested and engaged in products is creating limited editions. Virtually all famous brands stick by this trick, and it helps to boost their sales each year.

From a visual perspective, limited edition products help captivate an audience’s imagination and instill a sense of exclusivity, scarcity, and urgency in their minds.

Here are two examples of how you could create limited editions of your products to wow your customers:

  • Collaborate with well-known artists for unique visual interpretations, such as one-off designs or color schemes;
  • Elevate your limited edition product’s presentation with luxurious packaging or laser-etching details like “production numbers” on the products themselves.

2. Consider Minimalist Packaging Design

Another idea is to embrace the power of simplicity with your product packaging design. Minimalist packaging design is a game-changer for many brands, and it could be just the marketing trick you need to enhance the visual appeal of your products.

Imagine looking afar at a shelf full of products in a retail store. The products that will most likely stand out to you are the ones that have simple packaging and typography that’s easy to read from a distance.

3. Pay A Professional To Take Product Photos

Are you guilty of taking out-of-focus photos? Perhaps the clear ones aren’t exciting from an artistic perspective? If you don’t know your ISOs from your image stabilization, it’s time to hire a professional to take your product photos.

Whether it’s a local photographer or an online service like Soona, paying a pro makes sense on many levels. For instance, the increased sales will soon cover such expenses, and you can use your time more productively in other areas of your business.

4. Create Enticing Unboxing Videos

It’s no secret that YouTube is full of product unboxing videos. These are often from individuals trying out products in their homes, and those videos aim to primarily educate others on what it’s like to use those products in real-life scenarios.

As a brand, you, too, could create product unboxing videos with the same aim in mind. The only difference is that you can produce professional videos with a secondary goal: getting viewers to buy those products directly from your business.

5. Set The Scene With Product Photography

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that product photographs can be boring if taken against a plain background and don’t evoke any feelings from their target audience.

That’s why it would be best to “set the scene” with your product photographs. For example, if you sell healthy eating products, consider taking them against backdrops, like in a kitchen with a chopping board containing freshly cut fruit and vegetables.

Consider doing some online research to get some inspiration on the scenes you might consider to make your products eye-catching and choose ideas most likely to evoke the feelings and emotions you expect from your target audience.

6. Build A Stunning Retail Window Display

If you have a retail store, you’ll likely have storefront windows that can provide the perfect place for visual merchandising. Use that valuable real estate to promote your products in the best ways possible.

For example, seasonal themes work well with clothing, but you can also use those ideas to inspire you when thinking of new ways to captivate your audience as they walk or drive by your store.

It’s those scenes that conjure up ideas in people’s minds and subconsciously make them want to buy your products.

7. Tell A Story With Video

If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine the impact a video can have on promoting your products! You only have to watch some TV to see many examples of how product advertisements captivate specific audiences.

What’s great about promotional product videos is how you can use them in various mediums. TV advertising is a prime example, but they’re also useful for product marketing on your website, social media, and on other digital platforms.

8. Offer 360-Degree Interactive Product Photos

Consumers love to see the intricate detail of products before deciding whether they are the right things to buy. One major flaw of product photography is how images only capture some elements, leaving people wondering whether they are the right products for their needs.

Thankfully, you can avoid that problem with interactive 360-degree, high-definition photography.

9. Make Explainer Videos

You already know about the benefits of creating unboxing videos. While it’s true that they provide information on how a product can get used by consumers, it’s only a brief insight.

If you want your customers to know how your products will address their pain points or improve their lives in some way, explainer videos can give a more detailed insight into how your products work and why people should buy them.

10. Consider Foil Stamping Your Packaging

Last but not least, to you make your products eye-catching to the higher end of your market is easier than you might think – thanks to numerous marketing hacks that you can employ.

One such example relates to your product packaging. You could make it more exclusive and high-end by introducing foil stamping. Metallic-looking elements in product packaging, especially embossed ones, will give your products a more premium feel.

Aim To Make Your Products Eye-catching

In the competitive world of retail and online marketing, standing out is essential for success. By implementing these creative and proven strategies, you can infuse life into your products, captivating your audience’s attention. Whether you’re launching a new line or trying to invigorate existing merchandise, the tips shared in this article can guide your journey.

Don’t let your products blend into the background; apply these insights to make your products eye-catching and give your business the competitive edge it deserves.