Each person has a genetically-determined clock that manages the productivity. No one can adjust it or hear it tick but its effects are felt by everyone throughout the day. You have probably heard about the debate over the productivity capacities of people called “morning larks” and people called “night owls” and wondered how to be more productive yourself. Every one of us could really use being more productive because of our crazy lifestyles and work demands.

The stories of many successful people showed that they are both morning types and evening types. For example, there are many people who slept around 3 or 4 hours a night to do their business, which makes them night owls and morning larks at the same time. These people include Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Marissa Mayer, Jack Dorsey, Kelly Ripa, Jay Leno, Indra Nooyi, and many other people whose earnings exceed one million.

According to scientists, sleep patterns change with age. For example, children and adolescents tend to sleep more than adults, which makes them night owls. Most of adults are reported to fall in the middle, so they can stay reasonably up at night and get up in the morning with a reasonable effort.

If you are unsure if you are a morning lark but you have a reasonable evidence to claim that you are, the rest of the article will persuade you to reaffirm your belief. A large body of current knowledge described below shows that morning persons can make you more productive.

1. Morning persons have better academic performances.

It is a known fact that a morning person performs better academically than those who prefer to stay late at night to work. According to a recent study conducted at a Texas University found that students who identified themselves as night owls have lower grade point average than those who identified themselves as morning larks. The study titled “Early Birds Get Better Grades,” was published in educational journals and confirmed earlier claims about a better academic performance of morning type persons.

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These results can be explained by the fact that larks are naturally driven to wake up earlier, thus avoiding the nighttime activities that can be potentially distracting for the educational process. Therefore, the knowledge about how to stay productive is “hardwired” into their brains.

2. Morning persons are happier.

Yes, you read that right. Previous studies have shown a correlation between morning larks and happiness that confirmed they are happier with their life overall. According to the explanation that gives Live Science, “night owls often wake up for work or school with a scowl on their faces and wishing for an IV drip of coffee, while morning people come skipping in 15 minutes early.” Not just they feel better because they do not face the stress of rushing but they also reported more happiness emotions, scientists said.

There is one apparent condition that may explain why morning persons are happier than night persons in terms of an occupation. “The traditional 9-to-5 jobs are harder for them because they require them to be productive when it is really challenging,” says Matthew Johnson, a life coach from Proessaywriting. On the other hand, this is the perfect time for the larks. In the end, more happiness equals greater productivity.

3. Morning persons have lower risk of depression.

A recent study conducted in Finland has found some interesting facts about evening types and depression. According to the researchers, preferences for the timing of daily activities may predispose a person to sleep persons and even mood disorders. After studying a large study sample they concluded that the odds ratios for a number of depression indicators for depression were higher for evening and night chronotypes (2.7- to 4.1 –fold) than for morning types. These results indicated that night owls may be prone to depression.

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The answer to this mystery can also be pretty simple. If a night person lives in a society that is designed for a specific time to get and work, things might get ugly. This person may become severely sleep deprived, which could lead to a wide range of both physical and mental health effects.

4. They may be a little bit nicer.

Sounds strange, but listen to this: a recent scientific inquiry titled “Personality and Individual Differences” published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal found that night type persons may be more nefarious. They found that people who identified themselves as night owls were more likely to possess characteristics of the “Dark Triad,” which includes psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. These results suggested that early birds were less manipulative, narcissistic, and negative, which once again contributes to a better achievement.

Although it should be stated that the sample size only included students, these results may also apply to adults who does not change their chronotype after reaching their 30s.

Better academic performance, more feelings of happiness, and lower risk of depression contribute to better achievement.

How to be more productive? Ask a morning person! Having considered the current evidence about the academic performance, happiness feelings, and depression risk, it is sufficient to claim that they have higher chances to be great achievers in modern society. Before an evening owl has opened his or her eyes to see the sun, a morning lark might have gone for a morning run, cooked some delicious breakfast and even answered some messages from the friends on social media.

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If you are trying to become a little bit of a morning person, you should be careful to avoid sleep deprivation. Even though the intermediary type is pretty good for working too, being an early bird actually seems to be a better idea because of all benefits shown by the scientific studies reviewed in this article. It would be unreasonable for people like Barack Obama and Donald Trump to become early birds, agree?

There is a lot of evidence about the productivity benefits out there and this article just reviewed some of it. It is clear that becoming a morning person may really contribute to your achievement, though. Let this article be useful for you to make a wise decision.