7 Lifehacking Apps for the Digital Nomad

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A new type of career path has made its way into the millennial workforce, and its taking off worldwide. From Shanghai to Buenos Aires, digital nomads, or those who rely on the internet while working abroad, are powering their day-to-day with the help of their computers and mobile devices. And they’re are making their presence known, especially within the mobile app scene.

Developers have started creating a variety of apps which provide the convenience, security and connectivity digital nomads are looking for to keep every element of their lifestyle moving along with them. That’s because digital nomads not only use technology to earn a living, but also to stay organized, safe and healthy wherever the road may take them. And what better way to stay connected digitally than through mobile?

To cover every aspect of the mobile lifestyle, here’s a list of essential apps every digital nomad should download before embarking on their next adventure:


There are few things worse than losing your way in a city you know next to nothing about. For digital nomads who make their living by traveling all across the world, a reliable navigation app such as Embark can keep that from happening. Not only does Embark provide every digital nomad with the directions they need, but it also tailors a list of the web’s most popular content and even allows you to save it for later, keeping you informed and entertained along the way.


Simple offers online banking with a user experience that actually makes finances –

dare I say it – fun. The whole idea of banking has been reimagined to include a simple design and seamless-to-use tools that help you save from right inside your account. With Simple’s safe-to-spend feature, digital nomads who might not have the time to manage and assess their budget can avoid worrying about overspending and can even set manageable financial goals. Better yet, travelers who take advantage of the platform’s Simple Visa card can safely and easily spend money, avoiding costly transaction fees and credit fraud which often occurs with financial institutions.


Looking for a way to digitally capture paper documents? Scannable from Evernote has you covered. From business cards to receipts, Scannable creates PDF copies of your most important documents so you can share them from your digital devices at a moment’s notice. Once you digitally capture each document, you can save the scans to Evernote or instantly share them with co-workers using email or text messaging. Rather than shuffling through piles of paper, you’ll have the luxury of organizing your documents all in one place.


Asana is the ideal tool for digital nomads who work with a team that might not always be nearby. With Asana, digital nomads can assign, monitor and track assignments, as well as get instant updates on cross-team projects. Especially helpful for freelancers and digital nomads who work remotely, Asana is a great solution for team task management that will keep you updated and in sync with co-workers who aren’t always just a few steps away. 


Digital nomads can use Dashlane to store and manage their passwords in a convenient and secure environment. No matter which device you’re using, or what site you’re visiting, users can automatically log in without trying to remember a complicated password. For travelers who remotely access equipment, computers and information needed to do their job, Dashlane can improve efficiency by cutting down on time spent logging in to a number of work-related accounts.


Everyone, including digital nomads, complains about email. And even though email seems like an essential part of our day, Slack is the exception. Slack eliminates the need for lengthy and one-off emails, making it the perfect tool for collaborating with a team. Using Slack, workers can easily network and communicate with team members by simplifying complicated or lengthy conversations through the app’s messaging, filtering and collaboration capabilities. Perhaps even more importantly, real-time notifications, private conversations and automatic sync across various digital platforms can put even the busiest and unorganized inboxes at ease.


Meeting friends on the road can be difficult. And for digital nomads who spend a lot of time on their own, meeting people in large groups can be stressful and overwhelming. Nearify can help solve that problem. By sharing the dates and locations of more than 20 million events worldwide, including indie shows, concerts, festivals, screenings, Nearify makes it easy to discover nearby events and take control of your social life. Helping digital nomads separate their work and personal life, Nearify provides an easy way to explore and socialize in whatever way is most comfortable for you, regardless of where you may be.

For digital nomads, technology represents more than just a way to earn a paycheck. In fact, digital nomads have come to rely upon technology for just about everything. From staying secure to managing their finances, digital lifestyle apps will continue to ensure working travelers have everything they need to succeed while on the road.

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Written by Cody Winton

Cody Winton is CEO and Co-founder of Credntia, the world’s leading digital identity management platform. An entrepreneur, developer and a social leader in the identity management space, Cody leads the company’s business in personal identity management systems and its culture of empowering people to be who they are in the world.

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