Move over SoHo House, you’re not the only cool kid in town anymore. Make room for the Devonshire Club & Hotel, a new private members club on the East Side of London that is giving the aforementioned “cool hub” a run for its money.

Centrally located just off the Liverpool Street Station, the club was strategically placed at the intersection of London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood and the City of London’s financial district. Launched in July 2016, the Devonshire Club serves to connect East London’s creative millennial startups with the city’s venture capital scene.

Specifically designed to foster mutually beneficial alliances, the club caters to like minds that want to counter the traditional stuffy air that is often associated with English business. What the club lacks in pretension it makes up for in humility…for now.

Memberships are by invite-only, with a slim application process based on referral. Each applicant is vetted upon review in order to ensure the healthy combination of tastemakers and investors. Rates start at £2,400.00 per year and includes access to all amenities, preferred rates on rooms, and invitations to cultural programming events.

The Club

A cozy atmosphere set amid Devonshire Square, the Devonshire Club sets itself apart from other contemporary membership venues by virtue of the amount of space it offers its guests. The building it calls home was once a warehouse for the East Indian Trading Company’s most precious resources, namely ostrich feathers.

Taking advantage of the openness, the club’s ground floor exhibits a beautiful champagne bar that flows right into an elegant 24-hour brassiere. Tucked behind the bar and adjacent to the restaurant is a garden terrace, exceptionally rare for London, which is split into an enclosed atrium perfect for colder winter months with a stunning outdoor patio for warm summer days.

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Ride the lift up to the first floor and step into a modern spin on a 1960s lounge. With rich warm colors and fine wood finishes, this stunning library is the cornerstone of the Devonshire Club. Broken into three sections, the main room offers an array of leather, velvet and acrylic furnished sofas set alongside book-lined walls and eclectic light fixtures.

To the left and right are Mad Men inspired male and female bars both with their own unique flare. While not gender discriminatory, the ladies parlor features a Yamaha piano and a stunning ostrich feather umbrella – a wink to the building’s history. Inviting pinks, oranges, and hunter greens provide the backdrop for a time-warped experience, leaving guests thinking that at any moment Marilyn Monroe could appear.

This floor serves as a workspace for those looking to retreat from the office or take meetings in a relaxed and sophisticated environment. With plentiful electrical outlets and body melting furniture, it’s easy to get sucked into a full day of work here, whether on the weekday or weekend.

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The Hotel

Apart from the “members-only” club, is a gorgeous 5-star hotel currently open to the public. This won’t last long, so we highly encourage booking a room sooner than later!

With 68 rooms and junior suites layered over four floors above the club, each room is beautifully designed in rich jewel tones and offers a comfortable amount of space, another pleasant surprise not often found in the heart of London.

Whether facing the courtyard or quaint English streets, every room boasts large windows allowing a plethora of natural light to grace the flat. High speed wifi and AirPlay enabled televisions make these bedrooms the perfect escape for millennials looking to watch YouTube or Netflix from the comforts of their plush Irish linen bed.

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Ready to become a bit more active? The hotel also offers a Pilates studio and quaint gym with all the workout amenities.

It’s safe to say the Devonshire Club & Hotel is quickly making a name for itself among East London’s “in crowd” and rightfully so. With creative design and subdued luxury, this is the ultimate place to get work done while feeling compelled to relax at the same time.

To learn more about the Devonshire Club & Hotel or book a visit, visit their website.