How Millennials Are Shaping Modern Business

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If millennials are famous for one thing, it’s creativity and acceptance. While this is often considered to tie into the world of art and social progression more than anything, we should also be aware of the huge steps which millennials have taken in shaping modern business into the form it takes today.

Far from accepting the traditions and reticence of the current giants of business, millennials have been among the most interested demographics when it comes to adopting new techniques and technologies. Some of these have improved efficiency, others have bettered business-customer relations, and a few have entirely reshaped the way in which the modern market operates.

Early Digital Adaptors

Probably the most obvious modern business example here comes from the acceptance and understanding of just how popular and convenient the online experience and online integration can be. While many of the big business chains have been hesitant in their steps to adopt an online framework, millennials show no such constraints. Jumping in with both feet, developments like wide adoption of mobile technologies have been led by the progressive millennial market, with many older establishments following suit once they’ve seen just how popular and/or useful these changes have proven to be.

While it might seem that adopting newer technologies to keep up with a rapidly evolving online and technological marketplace is not only obvious but necessary, for many this has still not been the case. Even newer developments in technological business infrastructure like RPA tend to be embraced far more openly among millennials than with older generations. RPA, or robotic process automation, is a technology which allows automated detections of links between data sets, creating more fluid systems and pointing out where automation might be better suited. The adoption here is likely due to the increased familiarity which millennials carry as they have grown up more comfortable with digital systems, though the advantages remain overwhelming regardless of origin.

A Generation of Acceptance

Among the boldest developments when it comes to millennials adoption of modern business is the acceptance and integration of social causes as a key interest. While older businesses tend to more conservative social understandings, millennials are far more accepting of LGBT causes and rights. This manifests as an open embracement of these aspects of our society, and in a way far more genuine than the “hello, fellow kids” approach of some of the biggest multinationals.

The shape which millennials give to their modern business climate makes sense in on several levels. The way in which businesses operate and their key interests are reflections of those who create them. Millennials are more technologically adept than any prior generations. They are more socially progressive than any prior generation, and their interest in people over profit is so far unmatched than any in the modern era. In many ways, they are now involved with the actual creation of these trends as employees, not only as consumers.

Social Evolution Elevates Modern Business

As it just so happens, these are the facets which modern society has only grown to increasingly appreciate, and as such these undoubtedly point the direction of the future, not just in business, but in society as a whole.

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Written by Adam Mitchell

But a mere mortal traversing through this journey spewing poetic verve. Part tech enthusiast. Part economist. Part scribe.

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