Many people say it is not good to be a youngster at the moment, but if you speak with some of the Millennials they will tell a different story. We have technology that older generations never had and that makes their lives totally different and the world a much smaller place for us to travel around.

We Take Mental Health More Seriously

Millennials may be one of the most stressed generations, but we understand the problems associated with it and are more likely to support and help each other through bad times. Mental health issues do not have the taboo with us that for generations before meant we were swept under the carpet or hidden away. We will talk about anxiety and panic attacks  like we would any other subject, and this is a huge help to sufferers who feel we can talk about it too.

We Do Not Smoke Or Drink Alcohol As Much

The number of people that smoke in the US has halved and that is largely because the millennial generation are not keen to start. Millennials avoid this habit that many of their parents had, and we drink less alcohol too.

Physically, this has helped to make us a healthier generation who also generally try to eat a healthy diet and get more exercise as well.

We Have Better Access To Education

Millennials are usually better educated than any generation before them. This is because there is a greater level of access to education than ever before and you do not have rich or privileged to gain that access.

Technology and the Internet have made it possible for this situation and any millennial will tell you that you can get your MBA by studying online, In fact, no matter what career path we want to follow, the courses for us all are available if we need a qualification. If it is something we can teach themselves, the resources are online too.

We have no excuse not to be educated to a high standard, and many of us take advantage of the opportunities available.

We Have More Choice Of Entertainments

Technology has not only affected our education but it has given us more choice of entertainments as well. If we want to watch a TV series, we will stream it at a time to suit us. They do not let the times of shows affect their lives because there is no need for them to.

Then there are the online games, which as long as we have a digital device and an Internet connection we can play at any time wherever we are. The choice of games runs into many hundreds of thousands, so they can always find some entertainment that way.

Then, of course, there is social media. Although this is not strictly entertainment, Millennials do get many hours of fun from it. We can keep in touch with friends and family in a far easier way than ever before, but we also use it to interact with new people and to learn new things.

All these things are only possible because of the revolution in digital devices and we are the first generation to use smartphones and tablets to any large extent.

We Can Travel For Less Money

The world has shrunk because of the way it is so simple to travel around. We are far more likely to backpack around countries that for many people before us were just pictures in books. Even flying to places costs less than it used, and many of us are accomplished travelers who will see more of the world than their parents or grandparents ever could.

Traveling has speeded up too. Now you can get to one side of the world to another in less than a weekend, and as loner flights are introduced, this time is going to get even shorter.

We Are Very Resourceful

Some people think millennials are lazy because we will get a taxi to take us places, but in other ways that really matter, we are very resourceful. We expect to be able to find whatever they are looking for on the search engines and if we cannot we are likely to create something for it. If there is not an app for buying something, for example, we will make one ourselves. If we have an idea that we think could help other people, we will more than likely get something started.

We are much more aware of people that are not as well off as us and will start projects to help the homeless or the less fortunate with an ease that has not been seen from earlier generations.

This resourcefulness helps to make us satisfied with their lives, and we find ways to use it all the time.

We Enjoy Discovering The Past

Millennials are often interested in the past. It does not have to be hundreds of years ago either. We tend to like discovering what sorts of music and movies their parents enjoyed and this can bring a revival of certain types of music. It should be no surprise that groups such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are just as popular with them as they were with the youngster of the 1960s and 1970s.

We tend to like to the fashions of these eras too, and it is not unusual to seem then dressed as the young did back then.

We Have A Better Relationship With Money

Money is not such as big thing to millennials. We want enough to live off and to be able to buy new clothes if we need them, but we are not so interested in making large amounts. Job satisfaction is far more important to us, and we will not think twice about taking a drop in salary to be in employment we will enjoy more.

Overall, it seems that Millennials have more things right than we have wrong. We are more tolerant of other people’s color, sexuality, and social class, and because of this, the world we live in will hopefully become a more peaceful place.