Decorating a small apartment is often easier than decorating a larger one. Larger apartments require much more time, more equipment and pieces of furniture, and more paint. You can make a small apartment look absolutely gorgeous with surprisingly little. If you want to make your small apartment look gorgeous, then you have come to the right place, for we are going to tell you exactly how to do that in this article, right here. If you love interior design and have a project of your own, this is definitely the right place for you to be!

Yes, in this article, as you have surely guessed, we are going to tell you how you can make a small apartment look absolutely gorgeous. In fact, the smaller the better! If your apartment is too small to fit in some of our suggestions, then take some and leave some; generally, however, you can do a lot with a very small space, far more than you might have thought that you could.

Decorating can be a lot of fun – with the current pandemic what else is there to do? Here is how to make a small apartment gorgeous.

Georgian Windows

For starters, let’s start with the windows. You have likely decided to head over to this page to find more on full apartment makeovers – well that’s what we’ve got here for you today! You may have never considered changing your apartment’s windows before – think again. Changing the windows is a fantastic way to change the entire vibe of your apartment, though with that said if you are renting you may not be allowed to. Georgian timber sash windows are absolutely gorgeous; they are most often found on the rowhouses of Kensington. If you have the ability and approval to install them, we definitely suggest that you do.

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are a great way to make the interior of your apartment look absolutely great. Now, when it comes to wall tapestries, they do vary in price. You can pick some up that cost an absolute fortune, and others virtually nothing. It depends heavily upon the year and provenance of the individual piece. You can likely pick some up at auction for relatively little. Wall tapestries are a great addition to any home, especially a smaller apartment where you have little room on the floor.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs, also known as ‘rich people rugs’ are a great addition to an apartment. Some of the grandest apartments and homes in the world are full of Persian carpets piled on top of one another. If you can afford a Persian carpet, then we definitely recommend that you get one, or one hundred, for your apartment. You can make your apartment look very unique and unlike any other with them. These rugs are quickly going out of fashion with the world’s super-rich, which means that we, the commoners, will be able to pick them up for next to nothing!

Carvings and Statues

Small carvings and statues can be a great addition to a small apartment. Many of these can sit atop tables and stools that you will likely have abundantly (as we all do). You can also put these on bookshelves or cabinets. They will give your home a much grander aesthetic, despite it being small. Carvings and statues are a great addition to any home – we definitely recommend that you give them some thought if you are considering decorating your small apartment and you want it to appear much larger and better than it really is.

Paintings and Portraits

What’s a fancy apartment without paintings and portraits? Water colors of beautiful British countryside scenes are a must-have for any grand apartment, regardless of size. Paintings and portraits can be picked up very cheaply second-hand, or even at auction. There is no shortage of paintings and portraits available to you, so you should have no problem finding them! We definitely do recommend that you pick some up, they can make your home feel much more lived-in; they can make your home feel much happier and warmer. Trust us, fill your home up with as many paintings as you possibly can!


Potted plants, small trees, and wall vines are also great additions to your apartment. Smaller apartments tend to look much nicer when they are more cluttered as opposed to larger apartments, which looks nicer with fewer things in (less is more!). If you have no problem living in a jungle, then we suggest introducing some potted plants and wall vines into your apartment – they will make your apartment feel much more lived-in and they will also improve the quality of the air that you breathe in your apartment. Give potted plants some consideration for your apartment.


Fine china vases and pots are a good addition to your home – they can make your home look considerably grander. The important part about decorating a small apartment is making the furniture and things held inside count. With a small apartment, you have very little room to work with, which means you will not be able to go crazy, filling it with everything your heart desires. This means, quite simply, that what you do have, has to have an impact. Fine china vases and pottery is a great way to make this impact, though you will often have to buy antique (which isn’t cheap).

Express Yourself

As much as I can tell you what you should fill your apartment with, and while it may resonate with you, I am just telling you what I personally like. When it comes to your apartment, be yourself and express yourself; do not get caught up in what’s fashionable and what people tell you to put in your apartment – put whatever you want in your apartment. Your apartment is yours, and whatever you do will look absolutely great, no matter what anybody might say to you. Be yourself, that’s the best advice we can give you.

We hope that, with this page, you will be ready and prepared to decorate a small apartment. Decorating an apartment can be a lot of fun, so get involved and get carried away. Thank you for reading – please come back and visit us again soon.