Your car is more than just a means to get from place to place. Your require a large investment, and you should treat it as such. If you take steps to protect your car, it will run better longer and will retain its value over time. Below are five easy ways to keep your car road ready and in top condition.

Get Your Oil Changed

Perhaps the number one thing you can do to protect the health of your vehicle is to have its oil changed on schedule. Depending on the model of your car, you should have your oil changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles driven. If you don’t get your routine oil change as recommended, your engine will take a beating.

Park in a Garage

Second, if you really want to protect your car for the long term, you need to keep it covered and indoors. That requires having a garage. If you don’t have one, you may be able to build one, though you will likely have to submit building permits and wait for approval from your local government. Make sure that your garage door and garage door opener are in working order so that your car doesn’t get stranded outside. Keeping your vehicle out of the elements will maintain a road ready condition and pay off in the long run.

Check Tire Pressure

Your tires also need to be protected. Check your tire pressure regularly with a tire gauge to ensure it is at the correct pressure reading as suggested by the manufacture. This prevents your tires from wearing unevenly and improves your fuel efficiency, but more importantly, it helps you drive safely. Driving with low tire pressure, especially at high speeds, can cause a blowout and hurts your handling as well.

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Maintain Your Brakes

Brakes will wear out over time. Many elements of your braking system are, in fact, designed to be replaced periodically. This helps ensure that the system is working as effectively as possible to ensure your safety on the road. Have brake maintenance performed as needed to keep your car road ready.

Watch for Warning Lights

Your car’s dashboard is designed to tell you when something is going wrong with your car. Pay attention to your dashboard to see if any symbols ever become illuminated. Your vehicle’s owners’ manual will describe what these symbols mean and what you should do if they are lit. You may need to take your car to a mechanic.

The Cost of Being Road Ready

Cars don’t come cheap. As such, you should do everything you can to protect the investment you made. If you perform regular maintenance as needed and take good care of your car, it should last for much longer and be more valuable when you end up trading it in for a new vehicle.