If you must spend some cash, spend it where necessary. Suppose you can address some of these annoying issues on your own, save that penny, or channel it in your next project. However, not all clogged drain issues can be addressed by DYI. Starting with the importance of hiring a plumbing professional, here are some tips on how to fix clogged drains efficiently.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber

Plumbing problems like clogged drains can be quite frustrating. If not addressed early enough, they could easily make your home unsightly, unhealthy, and uninhabitable. This is not to forget that they could lead to flooding and costly damages to your property. To avoid the constant headaches, the folks from All Service Plumbers advise property owners to hire a qualified professional for their plumbing woes. They have the proper equipment and skills to give your plumbing system a thorough inspection and address the underlying issue, whether it is emanating from just below the drain or deep in the sewer system.

Hot Water

A standard clogged drain in the house is the kitchen sink. Due to dry fats, food particles, and waste going through the sink while cleaning the dishes, kitchen sink drains often get clogged. Once the solid fats and debris accumulate in the pipes, a blockage stops water from flowing.

As you bring water to a boil, use a cup to fetch all the water from the sink. After draining the sink, pour the boiled water into the drain to see if it melts the wastes and fats. If it does not flow with the first jug of water, repeat severally until it works.

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A plunger consists of a rubber suction cup, which is used to clear blockages. First of all, you are required to fill the sink with water and let it settle. After the water is still, place your plunger on the passage and pump vigorously. You will realize that as you continue pumping, the clogged dirt will be pushed down the drain, and some will be absorbed in when lifting the plunger. After all the water is cleared from the sink through the drainage, pour some hot boiling water to melt any residue that might have survived the suction.

Plumbing Snake

Just from the name, you know that this is a very long piece of equipment used by the plumber to do some drainage magic. Interestingly, the flexible metal rope with a spring at the end is long enough to reach the furthest point to clear the mess in the pipes. The plumbers’ snake is a flexible metal rope with a spring at the end

Depending on the snake’s length, you should insert it and move it further to the point of resistance so that the clog can be pushed out or broken down. When you reach that point of resistance, know that that is where the clog is, and it should be where you break the clog and let the mess find its way out into the sewer system.

Coat Hanger

You are not a plumber, so some of these tools may not be your priority when shopping for households. However, thank heavens for DIYs, which came to save time and money for some of us who always feel the pinch of paying for a service you thought you could do. In this case, you can use a wire coat hanger to unclog your system. Please take one of your hangers and straighten it using pliers.

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Curve it at the tip so that you can hook the clog when it is inserted. It can also be used to push out the clog through the drainage system, whichever way you find convenient for you. This can be a dangerous method if you are not careful while performing that task. The wire may scratch the sink, causing more damage.

Clean the P-Trap

When you look under your sink, you will see a curved drain pipe that is a passage of where the water goes through before reaching the sewer. While cleaning, we cannot control everything that goes down the drain, but we can help ease the clogging. Once in a while, unfasten the drainpipe. You will be surprised at how much debris is stuck in there. Clean it thoroughly and fix it back.

When done, you may feel some stench from the sink, which may be caused by cleaning the pipe. You can remove it using a mixture of equal portions of baking soda and vinegar. If you have some lemon, you can squeeze it in then pour the mixture down the drain. When done, you can do a hot water procedure to clear the drainage.

Some of these household issues are inevitable. But before you ask your plumber to fix the problem, try and see if you can sort it out. If it is not possible, reach out for help. After all, he knows best how to do his business.