The marketing slogan is ‘give people what they want’. And here it is – millennials want more eco-friendly beauty products to choose from.

Yes, we, the millennials, are the users and lovers of technology, make no mistake about it. However, millennials aren’t as self-obsessed as the selfies may claim. In fact, research shows that millennials prefer green products, especially in the beauty department. Natural, organic and cruelty-free are the magic words. It’s all about enhancing natural beauty, on a go, and protecting the environment in the process.

We have listed some common traits for millennials and explained their wish to purchase and consume green beauty products.

Who are Millennials, Exactly

To understand the millennials as a target group you need to understand their lifestyle. Though the exact year can differ, millennials are born from the beginning of the 1980s to mid or late 1990s. As millennials are now in their 20s and 30s, they are important for the beauty industry as they are one of the most important consumer groups.

Some also consider those born in the early 2000 as millennials. In a way, they are quite similar to the generations before them, especially as they are also pro-green.

Tech Savvies

As millennials are a relevant target group for the beauty industry, they can dictate what they want and how they want it. In addition to being ‘relevant’, millennials are technology literate and even tech savvies. Millennials consume information like no generation before them, as they have grown up with the rise of personal computers and easier Internet access.

Thus, information consuming millennials want products that are safe, safe for them to consume and safe for the environment to be used and to be disposed of later on.

Natural Beauty

However, millennials are not just about tech and its gadgets. With the rise of technology, this generation has found new ways to be informed, socially active and environmentally conscious. In their skin and hair care, they want products that complement the natural beauty of individuals but that it also promotes health.

Clean skin and hair are more in demand than, say, heavy concealers and thick makeup. Of course, that doesn’t mean that millennials don’t like to play around with their makeup. Contouring and highlighting are commonly used in such a way that changes the apparent cheekbone structure, but in a fashion that still seems all natural.

Fast and Instant Results for Millennials, Please

Millennials are always on a go. They are expected to work and live fast and stay connected wherever they go, so you can commonly see them with a coffee-to-go in one hand and a smartphone in the other. This is why millennials also expect their products to be as quick as their lifestyle. Instant or very fast effects are expected from their beauty products as well, but of course, not in a way that would make them less environmentally-friendly.

Thus, beauty routine has to be quick and efficient. Some things, like washing one’s face, have to be performed each day, and products are expected to work flawlessly. However, millennials are always on the lookout for beauty products that can make their daily routine easier, like smoothening hair with keratin treatments or putting on false eyelashes to avoid mascara. In this way, they save time on getting ready each day.

Green Beauty Products

Though millennials want immediate results that is not their primary concern. Actually, sustainability is the motto of the green generation of millennials. In spite of the fact that millennials are faced with a problematic job market and, consequently, an economic crisis, they are still willing to invest in the future. They are much more likely to choose a brand that offers sustainability. This includes their social endeavors, like community outreach, as well as their pursuit towards green products, like eco-friendly beauty products.

So everything, from brand’s company policy to their product and its packaging, is a subject for scrutinizing by the millennials. Testing and transportation issues are also concerns of the millennial, for the reasons of possible animal cruelty and high carbon footprints reasons respectively. But the eco-friendly attitude is the most dominant in the ingredients of the product itself as well as in its packaging.

Thus millennials look for ingredients that are not harmful to their health and do not pollute the environment.

At the End

As there are so many products and brands to choose from, it is important to speak to one’s market to remain relevant. The tough competition is making it easier and cheaper to buy and consume greener products in general, like eco-friendly beauty products. Though a life of a millennial is fast-paced and thus they need quick solutions for their needs, still they care deeply about what they choose to consume. This well-read generation wants to improve the environment consciously in every aspect of their life, including their choice of green beauty products.