Being the nation’s capital, it’s no wonder the first things that come to mind when you hear Washington DC are politics and monuments. Assuming that’s all the area has to offer is doing yourself and the area a huge disservice.

Washington, DC has evolved from a mere political hub into one of the most dynamic cities around. Being home to people from widely varied cultural backgrounds, it’s no wonder the District has morphed into a diverse and eclectic melting pot. In fact, it was named in Business Insider’s top 50 most niche places to live.

Something For Everyone

The Nation’s capital has so much to offer, you’ll be hard pressed to truly experience it in a weekend. You’d be much better off using a furnished apartment in Washington, DC as a home base while you embrace your sense of  adventure.


The most difficult part of your stay in DC is deciding where you want to go first but there are plenty of tips to get you started. There are several museums that offer free admission. You can try to get your fill on some of the best museums in the world, but make sure you check with each location before you go. Although they do not charge for admission, some museums, like The Smithsonian, do require advance tickets.

Even though there are quite a few free museums, you’ll regret bypassing some that do charge an admission. For example, The International Spy Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of international espionage legacy.


Is nature more your thing? If so, consider being in DC during the springtime. Famous for the blooming cherry blossoms decorating the city with their beautiful pink and white blooms, it’s definitely something to see firsthand. There are also several local cultural events the National Park Service details on their website.

Many visitors are surprised to learn of all the greenspace in Washington, DC. There are several parks abundant with wildlife for you to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the National Botanic Gardens or discover the many winding trails of Rock Creek Park. If you’re looking to see some exotic animals, the Smithsonian National Zoo, a 163-acre park, sets in the northwest and also offers free admission.


From the newly renovated Wharf to the Anthem concert venue, you will always find live events and a bustling nightlife. The performing arts are as varied as the city itself. From world-renowned theatre performances ranging from Shakespeare to more modern and experimental themes and being a popular stop for music and comedy tours, you will be spoiled for choice.

If you aren’t sure where to head after that, you can ask any passerby for their input. They will happily give you pointers on anything from the popular dive bars to the high-brow elitist clubs.

Just because there’s an abundance of nightlife, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a quiet and peaceful night. Plenty of locals happily enjoy a serene stroll through the streets and parks. You’ll find these places in more residential areas away from colleges and popular venues.

Small Towns

Long-time residents of the area develop an allegiance to certain neighborhoods. The residential areas are often referred to as small towns because of the sense of community and old-fashioned feel. In these parts of town, people tend to know their shop owners and neighbors, walk most places and participate in local events. Every town is as unique as the people who live there and embrace a strong sense of community.

Washington, DC offers something that’s sure to appeal to everyone. Do yourself a favor and invest the time to get a real feel for what the area offers beyond history and politics — you might even find yourself wanting to live there!