Hair Trends Making an Impact this Summer

These days, the biggest accessory seems to be the most natural one to date: your hair. We are in the middle of a hair renaissance. The various looks are dominating the style trends in ways that clothing cannot. Hair is a commandeering factor of one’s attire, don’t get left behind on this style train. Commit to one of the summer hair trends for style shift without purchasing a completely new wardrobe.


Millennial Magazine - Ombre Hair

It has always been the traditional “summer look” to lighten hair around the hotter months. However, this year has brought upon different renditions of these hair trends. The usual ombre-styled hair color is one way to switch up this trend. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Ciara are going for the ombre from the roots. By bringing your hair down a few shades beginning at the crown of your head, you can achieve this A-list style. Transition you color from the roots; it’s a bolder statement than the usual ombre.

Want to go even bolder? Well, it seems that our fashionistas are feeling blue this season. From blue, to purple, or pink, pastels are the newest look. We’ve all seen Kelly Osbourne rocking her purple ‘do, it seems that others are following suit. Kylie Jenner’s colorful blue ombre was coveted by girls everywhere. According to Elle Magazine, “Easter Pastels” is Hollywood’s go to for daring hair statements.

Cut it Off

Whether you opt to cut it off, dye it, or pin it up using hair claws, we are voting yes to all of it. The Undercut is a good look for men who want to keep it professional, but not too conventional. Do whatever you want to the top, but the sides are for business. Almost like a mullet, but it’s not 1976.

Millennial Magazine - mens undercut

While the bob has been around forever, there is always a unique way to improve it. Recently the short, choppy bob is the way to go. Seen on all high class runways, the messy bob is this summer’s easiest hair trend. Glamour Magazine opts for this trend in a variety of ways. Whether your slicking it down, or fluffing it up, it’s an easy, versatile hairstyle that can be worn by almost anybody.

Sleek Hair Trends

For both males and females, this trend is perfect for anybody, anywhere. Whether you’re wearing a sleek ponytail, or pushing all your hair back, it’s a classy look to top off any outfit.

Khloe Kardashian has been effortlessly pulling this hair trend off all summer. This sleek look is easy and doable on any type of hair. It creates a dramatic change without actually changing your hair. Grab some gel and brush back all your wispy strand to create this sophisticated look of distinction. Even paired with a simple t-shirt and classic jeans, this hairstyle has the potential to add maturity to even the most juvenile outfits.

Millennial Magazine - sleek hair trends

Guys, the sleek look is perfect for you as well. Paired with an undercut, you can quickly resemble the Calvin Klein models seen on the runway. This irresistible hairstyle will turn heads with ease. suggests adding a little mousse and/or some pomade to create a desirable sleek finish. Millennials, this look is ideal because it isn’t permanent yet it provides a dramatic shift to your look

So for those looking for a change, mess with your hair! It grows back, and it’s fun. Whether you opt to cut it off, dye it, or pin it up, we are voting yes to all of it. The summertime prompts bucket list spontaneity. Take advantage of these hair trends while they still apply.

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