4 Ways to Increase Storage in Your Apartment

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Living in an apartment can be a cozy experience opposed to living in a large home that can sometimes seem open and lonely. You also have several neighbors to talk to when you want to venture out of your home. However, there isn’t as much storage space in an apartment as there is in a house. Here are a few ideas that you can keep in mind to create more storage for your belongings so that you don’t have to part with what you enjoy.

Hide and Seek

All of the clothes, books, and other items that you want to keep in your apartment are things that you don’t want to throw away. However, they simply take up too much space in each room of your home. One solution is to hide these items in storage compartments that are made to look like pieces of furniture. An ottoman can contain books and even shoes and socks. The area under your coffee table can be a storage space for books as well. Utilize baskets and similar compartments that can be placed on walls or inside spaces that are hidden in the wall.

Adding Cabinets

Find a wall that doesn’t have any decorations or any kind of storage, and put a cabinet along that wall. A glass wardrobe is an idea to consider in your bedroom or bathroom for a sleek storage fixture. You can keep clothes in these spaces as well as linens that you don’t have space for in your bedroom and bathroom or in the closets. The glass on the wardrobe will also create an illusion of more space as it reflects areas of the room.

Collapsing Features

When you have minimal space, you might not have enough room for the basic furniture that you need aside from the extra things that you want to keep. An option that you have is collapsible furniture. Install a table on a wall that folds up and down when it’s needed. You’ll then have plenty of space in the rest of the room for the other things that you need. A bed can also be made inside your wall or on a wall as well. All you have to do is pull it down when you’re ready to go to bed and fold it up during the day.

Use the Walls of Your Apartment

Attach a few hooks to your walls, and utilize the space that you have. You can hang everything from closet organizers to a bike or two on a wall if you have the proper supports in place to hold the weight. If you position items correctly, they are quite appealing on your wall as well.

Apartment life can be a challenge when it comes to the space that you have. With a little creativity, you can easily have a few more storage options than you realize. Keep in mind that any major changes should be approved by your landlord.

There are plenty of ways you can add extra storage in a smaller space. Get creative and mix function with style in your new living space.

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Written by Emma Sturgis

Emma writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter.

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