Jared Ramirez: Professional Puppeteer

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Jared Ramirez grew up loving The Muppets and connected so deeply with their on-screen struggles, it escaped him entirely that there was anything going on beneath the monitor. After years of being a class clown, performing theater, and playing in bands, he felt he was in a creative rut until rediscovering the magic of Jim Henson on a nostalgia binge. Suddenly he saw a whole different side of the characters he grew up with, and discovered an art form that felt so fresh and exciting and yet, encapsulated everything he knew.

From that point, Jared hit the ground running, absorbing everything he could about making a living as a puppeteer. After 3 years of practicing and building, he has created his very own Mabsoot Troupe. His goal is to break down the barriers and limitations for puppeteers, and dreams of one day performing with the likes of a certain famous frog and pig.


Year born: 1991

Age: 24

City: Studio City, CA

Background: The Groundlings School, Puppet School

Profession: Professional Puppeteer & Puppet Builder

Tools of the Trade: Needle, thread, material, scissors, character voices

Connect: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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Written by Ben Lin

Ben Lin is a music and event photographer.

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