ADA compliance is something that companies across the US should be taking note of and ensuring that they are following the different pieces of accessibility legislation that has now been passed. Virtually all websites will come under this legislation, but it is always worth checking. You can use the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance checker, which will test your compliance level across the site and check that it is meeting the ADA standards. Scanning your site is an important step to prevent potential ADA related lawsuits

Potential cost of not being ADA compliant

The Americans with Disability Act now ensures that all businesses and their websites are freely accessed digitally for all and by not keeping to this, it can result in a number of issues. The first is that you could end up with a lawsuit, if a person with a disability is claiming that they are unable to access your website. This could also result in legal fees, a possible settlement and even a potential public relations problem. It is therefore paramount that websites are ad hiring to the legislation rules to protect the business and organization from this. This is also something that has become more and more important within recent years and we have also continued to see a large increase in the number of lawsuits and the number of businesses that are ending up in federal court. This in itself is why companies in the US should care about the ADA compliance.

Who is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Another common question asked is who is actually covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA compliance is referring to WCAG compliance, which focuses on ensuring that websites are available to all, including people with disabilities. This means that there are a lot of different types of disabilities that needs to be considered, when a website is being designed and created. This covers blindness and low vision, limited movement, deafness and hearing loss, neurological limitations and also cognitive limitations. It means that websites must be created to ensure everyone is able to access and use them equally.

Checking your website for ADA compliance

All websites that are covered under the legislation must therefore ensure that all users are able to enjoy an equal experience and if they do not, then they could come under threat of lawsuits, as covered above. Websites should then check that they are compliant by using tools, such as the one provided at the top of the article. This is to ensure they are providing equal opportunity when it comes to website accessibility. When using this, you will receive an email that details the results, and it will also provide a website accessibility score, so you can see whether you require changes or not, with a clear explanation on the accessibility issues on each area of the site.