Mayukh Ghosh and Raktim Majumdar: Filmmakers

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Classmates and friends Mayukh Ghosh (orange shirt) and Raktim Majumdar (black shirt) first came together working on a documentary film about K.C. Paul – a man who lived on the streets of Kolkata obsessed with the geocentric theory that the sun goes around the earth. Yet as the two began to discover this was no raving street man- K.C. Paul actually had letters written to him from NASA- they became completely invested in telling his story and have since been lost to the documentary genre.

Their film has been screened at several local and international Film Festivals in India and received several awards. The two are now working on a film about Kolkata’s most legendary jazz musician, a man whose recollections of his jam sessions with Duke Ellington and Sonny Rollins lay claim to his talents even before he begins to play.

Mayukh Ghosh also acts as editor-in-chief of the online platform, Influence. The site spun out of an idea for young people to create and learn from their own work instead of bending over backwards for unpaid and elite internships. In Mayukh’s words: “Why should I work for someone else, when I can work for myself?” The site reflects this idea, filled with photos, videos, articles, and interviews done by, for, and with millennials in India. Ratkim Majumdar is a writer for the platform.


Year born: 1993 & 1994

Age: 21 & 20

City: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Background: Both study Media Communications and Videography at St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata, India.

Profession: Mayukh: Producer at Cock Crow Films / Raktim: Director at Cock Crow Films

Tools of the Trade: Canon 6D, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects

Connect: Website // Facebook // YouTube

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Written by Anna Watts

Anna Watts is a documentary writer and photographer with a passion for analog photography and adventure of any kind.

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