Millennials have better access to what is happening in the world than any generation that came before us. What this means is that we are inundated with not only the good but the Earth’s problems as well. Of course, for those of us that are socially conscious the desire to do something about these problems, and improve the lives of individuals can be a tremendous motivating force in dedicating our career path, some options of which are discussed in more detail below.


Teaching is an excellent career choice for socially conscious millennials. After all, you will not only be helping kids to achieve their potential every day but be there to safeguard and inspire them as well. Of course, there is a range of teaching options to consider including lower, middle, and high school. You may even want to specialize in educating a particular group of people such as those with special needs.

Something you can get qualified to do by taking a course like this Redland’s master in teaching online program. Also, as its online, you can study in your own time and at your own pace, which is excellent if you are already working in a school or education environment and don’t want to sacrifice the good you are doing there to move up to the next level.


Another possible career choice for socially conscious millennials is to go into counseling. In fact, counseling and therapy are booming sectors, primarily because society in the west has now broken down a lot of the stigma associated with mental health problems. This is a vast sea change and has caused people to be much more open when they are struggling and to seek help, therefore raising the demand for counselors and therapists.

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In term of training, psychiatrists need a doctor’s degree, while a psychologist requires an undergraduate qualification in psychology and then additional training to practice. Although, it is possible to do some CBT qualification without extensive education qualifications.

Now, it’s also important to remember that to the person you are counseling you could be making life or death difference. Also, even if they aren’t in crises teaching them the skills to be able to live a more calm and enjoyable way to help to add value to their lives, making a this an excellent choice for those that want to help.


Are you a socially conscious person who loves helping people? Then it would be best if you considered joining the nursing profession. As a nurse, you will be responsible for dealing with vulnerable people. Nurses have to juggle emotional situations, physical pressures, and mentally taxing experiences. For these reasons, you also need to be compassionate, be a critical thinker, and have excellent communication skills among several other qualities. Nevertheless, nursing is a rewarding career, and you can quickly join the nursing workforce by enrolling for the Wilkes University accelerated nursing program.  


Finally, for those socially conscious millennials who would prefer to focus on the environment rather than interpersonal issues, the role of conservationist may be the best choice.

A conservationist is someone who works to take care of the Earth, stop pollutions, and help endangered species to survive and thrive despite the catastrophic damage the human race has wreaked on them.

Most conservationists go to university and study life sciences, and many have postgraduate degrees that demonstrate their specialism in a particular area such as recycling, renewable fuels, and even animal conservation. Something that shows becoming a conservationist is a strong choice for anyone looking to make the world a better place through their career.

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