4 Simple Ways to Cut Everyday Expenses

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Let’s face it, things aren’t getter cheaper, and your salary is not on par with the pricing of goods. Being a post grad 20 Somethings means that you most likely have this awesome little thing that comes monthly called student loans. Since student loans are not cheap, this means you have to count your pennies when it comes to living expenses and entertainment funds. No one wants to be stuck in the house in their 20s due to paying back Uncle Sam, so here are 4 easy ways to cutback on your spending habits to give you some wiggle room for your savings and extracurricular activities.

Alternative Ways to Reduce Expenses

1. Make Coffee At Home

There’s a reason why a large number of coffee shops stay in business; they’ve mastered the ultimate coffee experience. From the décor to the sophisticated atmosphere, it is a daily ritual for many adults. It’s true; coffee makes the world go round. That said paying almost 5 dollars a day could hurt your wallet in more ways than one. Let’s look at it this way, if you order a specialty coffee around 5 dollars a day, 5 days a week, that will put you at $100 on coffee a month. Think about it, 100 dollars on coffee. Not to mention, the long lines.

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If you’re on the way to work and you are in need of a caffeinated “pick me up”, chances are that you will need to allot some travel and service line time. Unless you’re going to a terrible coffee shop, the AM is usually the busiest time. Not only are you losing money, you’re giving away those precious extra minutes where you could be doing something else more beneficial to you. When you brew coffee at home, buying coffee beans are a fraction of the cost as opposed to going to a coffee shop. According to DailyFinance, an $8-per pound whole-bean brew costs about 18 cents per cup. Opting to brew at home can bring in significant savings, which you can allocate to something else.

2. Say No to Cable and Yes to Apple TV

Let’s face it; that cable package you’re paying for monthly is a cash guzzler. Between working and having some semblance of a life, guaranteed you’re not utilizing your cable to justify keeping it. On top of that whenever there is a problem with your service, you have to deal with the dreaded technician. That in of itself is worth getting rid of it. Opt out of cable or satellite and purchase an Apple TV. It’s a one time expense and super easy to use. Also, if you already have a Netflix account (who doesn’t) you can stream it on your TV. You can play music as well as use your Hulu account. The biggest benefit of cutting the cable cord means never having to deal with interesting personnel ever again. Be advised that this means you may be subjected to the overly eager sales rep who would sell his soul to keep you from canceling.

3. Pack a Lunch for Work

Very few have the ability to be productive morning people. That said, buying lunch on your break at work is a convenient way for most to catch up on a few ZZZ’s; that is until you realize how much it is costing you. Do a quick math equation and tally up how much you pony up for lunch in a month. After you recover from passing out over the shock, it’s time to think about packing a lunch. Not only is packing a lunch more economically efficient, it is potentially healthier. Donna L. Weihofen, RD, MS, a nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison says, “Making a brown bag lunch is helpful because you can control what you put in it”.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get creative with what goes into your lunch. Better health both financially and health wise are some pretty impressive perks.

4. Host Dinner Parties

Going out is expensive and can shrink your funds in an instant. Between paying for dinner and then heading to a bar that offers insanely high priced drinks, you’re expenses will go out of control quickly. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, call up your friends and have them come over for a fun night in. Each person can contribute something to make up a complete meal. You can pop in a movie; play some games or some other cool ideas. Not only is it a definite fun time, you save on your overall expenses while still having fun.

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You don’t have to drop a lot of cash to have a good time. Having a socially satisfying life while being financially conscious is possible. Many of the conveniences like coffee, cable and dining can drain your bank account. Change up your spending habits by implementing these modifications and you will start to notice the extra savings from cutting down on your expenses in your bank account in no time.

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Written by Taryn Barnes

Taryn Barnes is a freelance writer and blogger obsessed with HR, Millennial culture, work life balance, and all things tech.

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