Vintage Shop of the Week: Pale Circus


Vintage Shop of the Week: Pale Circus

Pale Circus is a vintage shop that carries localy made, recycled, salvaged, repurposed and natural products. The business is owned by Stella Corso and Alex Phillips, two poets striving to work with designers who share both their belief in sustainability and their aesethetic sensibilites. Stella and Alex also design and make men’s and women’s clothing in their studio in Haydenville, MA overlooking the Mill River.

Pale Circus is located at 205 Main Street in Greenfield, MA.


Amelia Ingraham

Amelia Ingraham is a photographer based out of Connecticut. She graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography at the top of her class, and is currently working as a freelance photographer. She has always been highly creative, which influences her conceptual and editorial style.

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