Reduce the Risk of Cancer with These Effective Tips

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Cancer is a major cause of concern among most Americans as it is the deadly disease that claims one death out of every four casualties in the USA. Moreover, cancer diagnoses, as well as, treatments are supposed to be the biggest moneymakers in the healthcare industry. Though cancer is such a dreaded disease, particularly, in the USA very little has been done towards prevention education, as a result, most people are suffering from a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness against this potentially fatal disease.

It would surely be a great relief to know some effective cancer prevention techniques or strategies that would lower the actual risk of developing most cancer types. Moreover, cancer prevention studies are still in progress and the knowledge regarding effective cancer prevention in some types of cancer is still evolving. However, it is a pretty well-accepted fact that you could lower the risk of developing this dreadful disease by certain lifestyle changes and choices you make. You could consider making a few simple lifestyle modifications that could make a huge difference. Here are some important cancer prevention tips.

Avoid Using Tobacco

Stop using tobacco as it is supposed to make way for and speed up your chances of developing cancer. Many types of cancer including mouth, larynx, throat, bladder, pancreas, kidney and cervical cancers have been attributed to the habit of smoking. Chewing tobacco has been responsible for causing cancer of the pancreas and the oral cavity. Moreover, even though you are a non-smoker; when you are exposed to secondhand smoke, your chances of developing lung cancer become high. Avoiding tobacco forever is the best policy and certainly the most crucial health-related decision you could ever make. Quitting tobacco is the way to go if you wish to prevent the incidence of cancer.

Always Have a Balanced & Healthy Diet

Eating right may not always guarantee cancer prevention; however, the fact remains that it would be helping in reducing your risk of acquiring cancer. You must consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. You must avoid obesity at all cost. Eat leaner and lighter and opt for low-calorie items only. Do not consume high-calorie items such as animal fat and refined sugars. Consumption of alcohol should be restricted to moderation. Excessive drinking and the length of the period you have been indulging in regular drinking could lead to colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and even liver cancer. You must limit the intake of processed meat. It has been proved that women who opt for a Mediterranean diet along with mixed nuts and extra-virgin oil are able to effectively reduce breast cancer risk.

Maintain Ideal Weight and Stay Physically Fit

If you maintain an ideal weight, it could help in lowering the risk of several kinds of cancer including prostate, breast, colon, kidney and even lung cancer. Physical fitness and a lot of physical activity are the best way of controlling weight and eliminating weight issues ultimately. You must indulge in, at least, half an hour of thorough physical activity every day. Do a combination of vigorous and moderate activity.

Be Serious about Protection from the Harmful Ultra-Violet Rays of the Sun

You must consider protecting yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Skin cancer is supposed to be common cancer and this is certainly the most preventable type of cancer. You must avoid the midday sun to the extent possible from 10 am to about 4 pm. Wear a nice broad-brimmed hat for complete sun protection. Cover your exposed skin to the extent possible. Wear loose fitted clothes. Wear bright colors that would be reflecting more ultraviolet radiation when compared to bleached cottons or the pastels. Get into the habit of using generous quantities of sunscreen. Avoid sunlamps and tanning beds.

Avoid All Sorts of Risky Behaviors

You must avoid all kinds of risky behaviors which could trigger infections that could, in turn, boost the chances of cancer. You must always practice safe sex. You must never share needles. You could get HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B if you share needles with any infected drug user. All this could result in increasing liver cancer risks.

Regular screenings and self-exams for different types of cancers are essential to rule out breast, skin, cervix and colon cancers. Early detection of cancer could imply successful treatment. You must consider cancer prevention as your responsibility. You would eventually enjoy the rewards that would be lasting forever.

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Written by Terry Godier

Terry Godier is a beauty aesthetician. He is the brand ambassador for Ayurvedicanti aging serums.

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