Are You Willing to Fail to Succeed?

If you really want to succeed in life, you have to accept the risk of failing. Most people prefer not associating with failure at all and live in fear of that possibility. Dreams are wasted by insecurities. When you don’t express your innate gift, you kill yourself bit by bit, until you become so messed up inside, only a shrink can save you.

When birds sit on top of a tree, they don’t just trust that the branch will not break, but also that if it does, they will flap their wings enough to fly into safety. Metaphorically, that means you shouldn’t just trust your environment; trust in your abilities from the beginning as well. The point is to get used to the prospect of failing and that is done by trusting in ones ability.


If you don’t fall, you’ll never rise. You had to crawl before you learned to walk. Like everyone else. Failure happens more often than success because life is just like that- to get stronger and better adapted, we have to overcome hardships first then use the lesson to continue succeeding in the future. Everything good is worthwhile, but it comes at the price of encountering failure before you even begin. Don’t mope. Just get on with it and run towards your success.

When you trip while you walk, your body instinctively positions itself to minimize the danger and cushion the fall: your arms reach out, your head turns away, you rapidly change to your other step with loads of adrenaline shooting through your body, giving you superhuman levels of speed, reflexes and abilities. This happens naturally to us, so why not take advantage of it when going about realizing your dream?

Dare to fall, I say. You already have the instinctive intellectual endowment to tackle the defeat, but you only realize you have it when you act and fail. That realization makes you confident to try again and succeed.


When you fail, you’re secretly inching closer to success. Don’t fail deliberately, but when it happens- accept it, own up to it and continue. That’s how winning is done, you just NEVER give up. Thomas Edison tried 9,999 times and then succeeded. Sylvester Stallone auditioned loads of times before his big break. Nelson Madiba Mandela kept it real on his leadership skills for 27 years in prison before becoming South African president of the rainbow country.

Overcoming failure proves you can succeed at anything. You’re only going to learn if you don’t fear failing.

Jump over the ledge and fly. Believe you will succeed.

What do you think?

Written by Dotun Adewunmi

I'm an online publisher from Nigeria dumb enough to care about saving the world. One of my blogs,, made runner-up in the World Summit Youth Awards 2010. In 2011, I completed a Next Generation Leaders e-course from the Internet society, Creativity, drawing, comics, photography, ballet, dance, humour, movies, music, critical thinking, progression, sports probably some others in between are my main interests.

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