Don’t you want your home to look elegant and sophisticated? For most people, it seems like a distant dream. Yet everyone wonders if there is a way to make your place look something straight out of Pinterest. To be honest, there are ways to improve your home décor without spending a ton of cash.

If you are willing to make the effort, then we have some awesome tips and tricks to add the illusion of luxury to your home.

1. Get rid of the things you don’t need

Getting rid of the things that do not mesh with your personal style is a great first step towards transforming your home from average to exceptional. Nothing says sophistication better than a clutter-free home.

Walk through each room of the home and make those tough decisions. From time to time, tackle any stuff that piles up. If there are a ton of must-keep items, invest in better organizational tools or rent a storage unit. 

2. Lighting plays an important role

Most homes and apartments come with standard lighting fixtures, which are probably the same and have been used everywhere else. Whereas, designers use lighting to define the space and to separate rooms. Unique lighting adds more elegance to the home and can offer a fresh look. Visually differentiating the home with modern lamps and colored lighting can do wonders for each room. Replace the standard lampshades with rather more eye-catching ones to immediately dress up the space.

3. Mirrors expand the room size

Mirrors are said to be a decorator’s best friend and with a good reason. A well-placed mirror has the capability to enhance the room’s natural light, open up a small space and add oomph to the decor. The key here lies in pairing the right mirror with the right location to maximize your home decor.

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A full-length mirror can be placed between two windows to trick the eyes into thinking, there is another window. Large mirrors can be quite pricey though. Think about adding a group of smaller mirrors with the same colored frames in a cluster to give the same look. Mirrors make your home look larger without feeling cluttered.

4. Hang the curtains a little higher

Without curtains, no room is ever complete. Not only do curtains help control the light, lend privacy and warmth, but they also add texture and color too. To maximize the benefits, install the rod higher to make the windows appear taller. And use enough fabric to cover the windows.

Unless you are using cafe style curtains, make sure the fabric falls to the floor. If you want to add a romantic feel to it, a little pudding can be nice. In order to do that, wisely choose the fabric that suits the mood and function of the room, both, to ensure the home looks elegant and well designed.

5. Don’t forget to accessorize

A well known fact is that most of the average homes lack necessary accessories to really bring that elegant touch to every space. If you actually want to make your home decor look better, then drop the excuse of not accessorizing. There are many affordable ways to accessorize a home.

For instance, inexpensive old books bought from the an antique store can make a fantastic decor item. Artwork, on the other hand, gives the space a more luxurious feel. They do not need to be super expensive. Beautiful pieces from the flea market and thrift stores in vintage frames can look amazing.

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Additionally, plants are the best accessory! Add freshness to your home by placing some flower pots with freshly cut flowers throughout the house or flower window boxes to the exterior of your home, especially for those who have access to direct sunlight. They are lovely and will not break your bank either! The trick is to find the right placement. 

6. Prefer hardwood floors over carpets

There is no doubt about the fact that wall to wall carpeting in a home gives a very warm, soft and cozy feeling. But, it does not equal the same elegance factor of solid, gleaming hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring provide a rather classic appearance. They last longer and provide a nice return on investment if you plan to resell the home in the future.

To get the most for your money, take a look at different types of wood, as some may cost more than the others. For example, oak and birch are usually less expensive than cherry. But for a more luxurious appearance, choose a dark color and be sure to add a few area rugs to enhance the overall design of the room altogether from the floor to the ceiling.

7. Always, always deep clean your home

Surprisingly, one of the simplest and the most affordable ways to make a make a home look great all the time is to keep it clean! It’s amazing how open and healthy a space can feel when it’s clean. Deep cleaning is highly recommended once or twice a year to not only maintain health but the effort will also make your home look awesome. 

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Go through the home and search for the overlooked areas that have become dirty and downright gross over time. Pay special attention to the grouting. Get the old tiles in the bathroom & kitchen cleaned with vinegar. For the wood floors, try steam cleaning for an immediate lift to the finish.

Don’t lose this opportunity to turn your home décor around! Everyone deserves the house of their dreams. These simple steps will make your home look better than you ever thought possible.