How To Make Your Living Room Feel Glamorous 

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If you want to be glamorous in every element of your life, you must look beyond your clothing, jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics. Your house should be just as glamorous as everything else you do. The living room is perhaps the simplest place to start with when you want to add some glamor; it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time, and it’s usually where visitors will be shown first when they come to visit. Here are some ideas for things you can incorporate to seem as glitzy and glam as possible.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books on fashion, photography, or beautiful living in general can truly add a ‘glam’ touch to a living area. Even if you don’t put them on display, these gorgeous books are excellent to have nearby since they are lovely to look at and intriguing to read; every house should have a fair quantity of books in it. However, displaying such books in plain view on a tabletop elevates them, the environment you’re sitting in, and even you to a whole new level. 

Floor Length Curtains

Curtains are usually more opulent than blinds, particularly when they are available in such beautiful patterns, colors, and materials. They also provide an additional layer of seclusion, which can help to create a more homey atmosphere. The more relaxed you are in the space, the more glamorous it will seem to you and everyone else who comes into it. Longer curtain lengths provide a more luxurious air to the area, and although this generally means spending more, it is sometimes required when you want your house to look flawless. 

Gold Accents

Too much gold can make your living room appear cheap rather than glam, but the correct amount will bring some attractiveness to the space and will undoubtedly amaze your visitors. The best part about adding these gold embellishments is that you can do whatever you want. You may have wallpaper with a tinge of gold in it. You might have a gold light fixture. You could even get gold doorknobs or a chest of drawers with gold edging. Whatever works for you and makes a statement without being overpowering will give your space a beautifully glam vibe. 

A Stunning Rug

Choosing the proper rug for your living room and ensuring that it is seen rather than hidden under furniture is a really stylish thing to do. You don’t want a plain old boring rug; you want a conversation piece. The nice thing about a gorgeous statement rug is that it can completely transform the appearance and feel of your living room without requiring you to spend a fortune on a whole makeover. If you can find matching pillows and curtains, and perhaps even curtains like we mentioned above, the whole area will seem much more coherent and definitely glamorous.  


Candles are possibly the most straightforward method to glam up a living area, and they always look great. A few scattered about in well-chosen candleholders (maybe even gold ones for that added touch of luxury) produce a glamorous effect every time.

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Written by Brooke Nierling

Passionate blogger, travel enthusiast and Beagle lover looking to add a bit of beauty and kindness to our world.

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