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Kristina Krayt is a Russian model, fashionista, and global travel influencer. Best known as an international “Guess Girl” and LuLu Paris favorite, Kristina has been featured in a variety of publications including Harperโ€™s Bazaar Kazakhstan.

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Day of quarantine. Sometimes I feel like going crazy in self-control is ok. So to say one of the stages of being accepted. And I’ve been through many stages. First, I was happy about the time. shot the tick, ran with the dog around the house. I tried to be creative with a friend, review everything that could be watched from the series. Then started self-improvement, different webinars, courses, etc. Then, of course, cooking and new dishes, now I don’t want to eat at all. This stage went quickly into country relaxation when you don’t want to do anything. But this period is over. Now I’m in the position of an emblem on the couch and writing this post. My inner extrovert is in protest and wants a holiday. That’s how I live. How are you there? By the way, I found a series of photos, so we can choose the best shot.ย 

Let’s play? The middle of the week should not pass boring. So today I decided to have an interactive. Ask in the comments questions about “True or not true” and I will answer you. The most interesting and unusual questions, with the mood, are at risk of being in my story. Let’s go!

It’s a week in Cape Town and it feels like it’s a month already. The flight is normal. I wonder how fast this place will become the new bloggers of bloggers. But all the reasons to become it. We are watching the benefits: You do not need a Visa- which means you can fly at any moment. No need to vaccinations – which means no queue. This is another personal point. Africa is a completely unusal and unique world, with an amazing and not-like nature. Nature- I will take the item separately, so many amazing animals, birds- you will not meet anywhere. There are even penguins to fix the beach. Food is one of the best, can compete with even Bali seafood. The stores are stylish, with a pleasant atmosphere, shopping turns into a real aesthetic pleasure.ย