Let’s picture this. You spot an employment opportunity that looks like a great fit for you. You meet all the needed accomplishments and requirements. Everything is looking up as this might be the break you have been waiting for. But there is just one big issue! And that is that you are not the only one drawn to the role. Others will want it too, some who are even more experienced than you.

The employer’s inbox will be swarming with many candidates’ applications. And the only way to be on the leading foot is by outperforming them with a brilliant resume. With the correct procedure, you can draft a resume that will land you an interview.

Below are some resume-writing clues that will assist you in formulating the ideal biography.

Your Resume Should be Perfectly Tailored for the Position You are Requesting

On average, it is believed that a recruiter only needs a six second scan before they decide whether an applicant fits the bill. You, therefore, have to write the resume in a way that makes everything understandable and brief.

When composing the resume, see to it that everything the recruiter wants has been addressed. You want to show that you are right for the job; let the outline achieve that for you. For instance, if the job you are applying for is in the technology sector, there is no need to include the fast-food delivery you were doing six years ago.

Moreover, you do not have to tell the recruiter about the things you like doing, like watching television or participating in sports. This is irrelevant, and the impression it creates is not one you would like the recruiter to have. Leave those things out unless they align with the job you are applying for.

Strategic but Conservative Use of Colors and Power Words Can Work Magic for You

Are you really helping yourself by presenting the typical bland black and white resume from back in the ’90s? Don’t just treat the resume like a collection of your skills or work history. Treat it as your marketing document too.

Color psychology on an online resume is an effective branding tactic in the current market, not only in human resources. To present yourself better to the recruiters, you can spice up your resume with conspicuous visual cues. However, be careful not to overdo it. Use the colors strategically to make it attractive but, at the same time, professional. For example, you can effectively do so by sparingly coloring section headings using no more than two colors.

Also, your diction represents who you are to the potential employer. The words you choose can have a significant influence on whether they will consider you a capable candidate for the position or not. Words and phrases that can demonstrate capability include:

  • implemented
  • initiated
  • increased
  • managed
  • launched
  • influenced
  • demonstrated

Don’t Forget to Include a Link to Your LinkedIn profile

Any job applicant who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile in 2021 is already a step behind. This will act as a stop when the employer decides to do a background check and see whether the work information you provided is valid. With an excellent profile with positive recommendations linked to your resume, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

To effectively do so, you can include your LinkedIn profile link on the Contact Information section of your resume. Also, don’t forget to highlight that additional information about you can be found on the profile at the end of the document. This way, you will also be able to include additional information that might be helpful but wouldn’t fit in the two-page resume.

The profile can also serve another purpose. If you apply for a less professional job, your resume and job application can be humanized by your profile information.

Come Up With a Career Snapshot

Gone are the days when job seekers used to write objective and lengthy statements. When writing a resume, you should use the limited freedom of broad content to your advantage. By crafting a career snapshot, you will be presenting your potential employer with a branding statement. This statement will offer a brief description of your unique values, personality, and skills. Follow these up with bullet points highlighting your accomplishments.

To simplify this, you can construct the career snapshot like the answer to a “briefly describe your past work experience” question. This way, you will develop a summarized highlight of your most relevant job experience that proves that you are the perfect fit for this job. Smart, right?


A resume speaks volumes about you. You might be the perfect person for a specific role, but if the resume fails to attract the recruitment manager’s interest with the first few seconds, the chances are high that you will not get the job. However, your resume will stand out with these tips, giving you a better chance to get the job you want.