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Health is a priority for many of us, but with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what to do and what not to do for improved health and wellbeing. Healthy living doesn’t have to be complex. Here are some actionable solutions to help you reap the rewards of positive lifestyle choices. 

Rest and sleep

It’s no secret that many people, especially those who work full-time, lead hectic lifestyles. If you’re rushing around, you’ve got an endless to-do list, and you struggle to sleep, there will be consequences. A lack of downtime can take its toll on your physical and mental health. If you’re surviving on a few hours of sleep per night, or you’re burning the candle at both ends, make a concerted effort to get more rest.

Try and get into the habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time. This will allow your body clock to adjust to a regime that enables you to get enough sleep. Ideally, adults should sleep for between 6 and 8 hours every night. If you have difficulty sleeping, use your evenings to relax. Run a hot bath, light some candles, meditate, listen to a soothing playlist or watch TV. Avoid checking emails late at night or taking your phone to bed with you. Create a tranquil sleeping environment using calming colors, soft lighting and blackout blinds. 

Stress reduction

We all get stressed from time to time. The trouble is that dealing with stress can become a constant battle. If you can’t cope, or you feel like stress is getting the better of you, it’s so important to take action. Take some time out, manage your schedule to find a better work-life balance and don’t be afraid to offload to friends or family members if you want to talk. Use your hobbies and interests to lift your mood and clear your mind, and try to exercise frequently. Being active can help to lower stress levels and make you feel better. It is beneficial to seek expert help if you’ve tried all the self-help methods and you’re still struggling. 

Dental health

If you have bright white teeth, and you’re free from pain, you might assume that everything is great in terms of your dental health. This may be the case, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid going to the dentist. Regular check-ups play a crucial role in preventing oral disease. Just pick a reliable dentist like one from Union Dental Worcester clinic and you won’t have anything to worry about during your checkups. As well as scheduling frequent appointments, it’s also critical to keep an eye out for warning signs, for example, bleeding and swollen gums, tooth pain and heightened sensitivity. 

If you experience severe pain, this could be symptomatic of dental infections, abscesses, decay or problems associated with your wisdom teeth. If there isn’t enough room in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to grow, they start to push against the neighboring molars, and this can be very painful. In this case, dentists usually recommend removing your wisdom teeth. The best way to keep your smile in check is to brush twice a day, floss daily and see your dentist every 6-12 months. It’s also beneficial to limit your intake of sweet and acidic foods and drinks and to avoid snacking between meals. 


According to the CDC, only 20% of Americans hit weekly activity targets. Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Inactivity contributes to an elevated risk of several health problems, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and depression. If you’re not as active as you should be, start trying to introduce more exercise into your daily routine. Many people use a lack of time as an excuse, but you can achieve a lot in a short space of time.

A 15-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session, for example, is a great way of burning a lot of calories and working up a sweat without sacrificing an entire afternoon. You could squeeze a class into a lunch break, go to the gym after work or do a workout at home in the morning or evening. It’s also an excellent idea to think about whether you could walk or cycle to work and to adopt simple changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also use your evenings and weekends to go on walks, to jog in the park or at the beach or to join friends and family for a bike ride. 


You only have to pick up a newspaper, browse social media feeds or read a glossy magazine to see stories about fad diets and miracle weight loss cures. The truth is that dieting can help you lose weight, but it’s more important to focus on nutrition. Your diet should provide your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you do want to drop a few pounds, the best way to do this is to up your activity levels and follow a healthy eating plan. Fad diets tend to reduce calorie intake dramatically and cut out food groups. The results might be impressive in the short-term, but they are usually unsustainable and these plans can also be detrimental for your health.

Making changes to your diet to increase the intake of fruit and vegetables, control portion sizes, eliminate processed foods and unhealthy fats and include whole-grains can have a positive impact both in the short and long-term. If you eat well, you can enjoy the odd treat without worrying about damaging your health or gaining weight. In some cases, it’s more helpful to monitor changes by taking measurements and going by the feel of your clothes than weighing yourself. This is often the case when you’re exercising more, as you might be gaining muscle mass at the same time as losing fat. 

Are you looking for simple, effective, accessible ways to improve your health? If so, take these tips on board. You can start making changes today, and you’ll notice a positive difference in your physical health and mental wellbeing within days. 

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Written by Dallas Dorrall

Dallas Dorrall is passionate about music and is living her dream managing and promoting Nashville/Muscle Shoals based Country Music Artist, Johnny Collier, currently touring the US. While traveling, she enjoys reviewing new artists, restaurants and nightclubs. Dallas is crazy about her family and friends and attributes her enthusiasm for life to a quote by Marianne Williamson (which she still reads every day) entitled “Our Deepest Fear”.

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