Meet your biohacker’s new favorite band. Rivaling wearable technology’s most popular brand names, Biostrap has become a fierce competitor in taking human optimization to the next level.

I’m With The Band: VIP Status with Biostrap

Certainly, Biostrap offers an excellent set of tools that will make the savviest of biohacking tech gurus’ heart beat. First, this device features an impressive 3 axis accelerometer for outstanding accuracy. Next, the 5 ATM waterproof protection opens new lanes for lap swimming. Importantly, the clinical grade sensor measures your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate. Also, you can measure your heart rate variability. Lastly, open your eyes to each night’s sleep levels and disturbances.
Notably, the detailed app allows you to track all of your daily measurements. There, you will be advised on your recommended activity levels. Importantly, this is based on sleep, resting heart rate and HRV measurements.

Power for the Professional: The Pros

  • Detailed and highly accurate data readings
  • Automatic exercise tracking
  • Wireless charging dock
  • Waterproof
  • PPG heart rate monitor allowing for accurate heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate monitoring
  • Recovery recommendations based on exercise exertion and sleep

Causes for Concern: The Cons

  • Battery life could be improved
  • Wristband comfort and wearability: common issue of product falling off consumer’s wrists and ankle strap
  • App glitches such as slow data syncing
  • No screen or display

The Weekday Walker or Weekend Warrior: Who’s it for?

Notably, products such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and Oura have a strong following. Clearly, this is for good reason. Whether you’re a Saturday Soulcycler using it as a stylish step counter or a grandma looking to stay heart healthy, these offer all you need. Certainly, these brands are simple, trendy products with beneficial features. Furthermore, Biostrap is for those looking for the next level. This cutting edge product is for the tech-savvy, health guru. Geek out at the immersive intricacies and optimization potential Biostrap has to offer.

A Mind Body Connection: Why Wearable Tech is More Than Just The Metrics

The growing world of wearable technology offers highly impressive products designed to optimize your holistic health. Noteworthy, implementing these into your lifestyle goes beyond providing you with raw bio feedback. These open us up to an exploration, development and strengthening of our mind body connection. Certainly, this is will give you a holistically more optimal life. Establishing a strong mind body connection improves our mental and physical well being. Additionally, this extends to our relationships and career successes.
Our bodies work with a direct physical and chemical relationship. Firstly, think about the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach or felt your heart pounding under pressure. Studies show that neurological pathways connect parts of our brains that process our emotions. Furthermore, this relationship extends to our spinal cord, muscles, cardiovascular system, and digestion. Next, our major life events, stressors, and emotions trigger physical symptoms. Notably, emotions such as anxiety and stress trigger increased cortisol levels. Finally, our immune systems are suppressed and the stage is set for the development of chronic diseases or cancer.
How is this affected by wearable technology? First, the education of our body’s metrics allow us to optimize our lifestyle choices and daily habits. Importantly, by becoming conscious of our health status, we are more inquisitive about how we are feeling in our mind and bodies. Certainly, this consciousness of physical and mental feelings combined with the education of our biology strengthens our mind body connection.

Made for the Mastermind

Most importantly, Biostrap is a reasonably priced product that offers reliable and accurate tools to optimize your health. It offers detailed workout tracking, sleep and recovery monitoring and heart rate variability that set it apart from its competitors. Certainly, if you’re looking solely to track your daily 10k steps, stick with the $25 tracker on Amazon. However, if you’re a biohacker looking to make your health a top priority, Biostrap is your holy grail.
Enhance your bouxi beauty. Live highconically healthy. Be a VIP of VRTU. Optimize your life with Biostrap here.