Hookah Lovers: Top Tips On How To Upgrade Your Smoking Experience

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Smoking hookah is quite popular amongst young people. It is a social activity where people smoke flavored tobacco through a pipe. It is considered healthier than cigarette smoking because users are not exposed to the burning process of cigarettes which produces many harmful chemicals. Hookahs have been around for many years, and the smoking experience has significantly improved since then. A lot of research has been done into how to make smoking more enjoyable and healthier for hookah lovers. If you are a beginner in hookah smoking, here are some ways you can upgrade your smoking experience with one of these amazing devices.

Water Pipe Hookahs

Water pipe hookahs are the modern version of traditional hookahs. They produce better smoke because their water basin acts as an additional filter. They also produce a smooth and flavorful experience because of their unique design. These hookah pipes heat the tobacco much more evenly and efficiently than the traditional pipes. The smoke produced has an optimal amount of moisture, so it is easy to inhale. It also does not irritate your throat as much which enables you to enjoy every puff till the end. Therefore,  they are considered the best hookah smoking devices.

Glass Hookahs

Glass hookahs look gorgeous and they have a unique feel to them as if you are smoking out of a work of art. The glass is very thick and durable so it doesn’t break easily unlike most other pipes made from materials such as wood or plastic. Even though many people consider glass smoking devices to be classy, this type is not suitable for regular smokers because it is difficult to clean. These types of shisha pipes can be used only by non-smokers who want to display them in their homes as novelty items. Also, since they are fragile, they must be kept safe from kids who may try to play with them accidentally.

Use Heba Diffusers

Heba diffusers are another must-have accessory for hookah smokers who want to enjoy a better smoking experience. They come in all kinds of different designs and they are mostly made from metal or glass. These devices produce more flavor in the smoke because they separate the charcoal into smaller pieces during the burning process, which enables it to burn very smoothly. This results in an even distribution of heat inside the shisha pipe, so you get excellent flavor with every puff. Also, since there is less chance for incomplete combustion compared to traditional pipes, these devices produce less harmful chemicals in your smoke which makes them healthier to use than traditional hookahs over time.

Use Charcoal Tablets

Since traditional coal burns very hot and unevenly compared to modern tablets, it does not produce as much flavor as these new devices do during hookah smoking. These small charcoal tablets come from safe sources such as coconut shells and they produce a lot of smoke very quickly. You can find these tablets at any hookah or shisha store and they are very cheap. They will considerably enhance your smoking experience because their heat is distributed evenly inside the hookah, allowing you to enjoy every puff. These smart products help reduce the number of carcinogens in your hookah smoke as well as prevent incomplete combustion altogether, which makes them very efficient and healthy heating sources for your tobacco.

Use Heat Management Devices

Heat management devices also make a big difference in how good the flavor is during a hookah session because it prevents uneven burning of tobacco which produces less flavor and harsh smoke that irritates the throat instead. This device ensures that there is consistent airflow from all sides so the charcoal does not burn hot, which enables even distribution of heat during the smoking session. It also acts as a wind cover for your coals so they don’t go out before you are done enjoying your hookah. Therefore, it prolongs the smoking session too.

Use A Hookah Coaster And Tongs

Using a hookah coaster is another important accessory for hookah smokers because it gives your hookah glass proper support when you are smoking. This keeps the shisha pipe from tipping over, which could break it. Also, since you are putting your hot coals on top of it during the session, you will need an appropriate place to put them unless you want them to fall off and spill ash all over the floor. The coaster ensures that electric sparks don’t fly out of your device while you are transporting it either – yet another reason to get one for your hookah collection.

If you want to upgrade your smoking experience, it might be a good idea to start shopping for accessories that are suitable for this purpose. Investing in these important products will help you get more flavor and a better smoking experience every time, which will make you a happier and healthier hookah user over time.

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Written by Brandon Westhoven

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