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The New Year implies all things to be new or to start again. Health is one of these start again issues that comes up right after the hangover of New Year’s Day wears off.  The amount of commercials on losing weight, get fit, slim down, eat better, reduce your wrinkles, get Lasik now, become a new you, is bombarding every media out there to get you to commit and spend money. Right after spending feverishly through holidays.  Your pocket book isn’t ready for this, nor should you get into debt as tax season will soon follow.

It costs money to be a new you.  It takes up time commitment, it requires a change in schedule and organization of your day.  But is this really worth it?

As I am writing this as I am indulging in some left over home made fudge, I am wearing a sweater, and I feel sleepy as I like my nap after writing.  None of which is life changing or remodeling of my body.  This is January.  For those in the California Sun, you are still doing outside things as it is relatively warm, but if you are farther north, you are in a sweater or perhaps in long johns, the heat holding underwear of the Great White North.  

January is the WORST month to make changes, and you should not jump into anything, especially dieting, as there is left overs of the treats from Holidays, there is darker and longer nights, even in California, and our bodies are tuned to the movement of Sun and Moon, so we tend to need more sleep in the winter.  Most significant is that this is PRIME cold and flu season.  Don’t risk the stress on your health with New Years Resolutions in January.  Write them down, but hold on to them until March.

The extras we eat in winter provide for the body some protection with a little fat that keeps us warm.  Don’t pick on me triathlon people, I am addressing those of us with normal daily jobs and family responsibilities, or those of us who are out of college working 5 jobs.

As with Nature, green shows up everywhere in North American in March, well, maybe not Alaska or Halifax, but something green begins to appear, and this is the signal to get fit and eat better. The fresh strawberries and peas assist the body in dropping the extra fudgie fat that we held onto to prevent losing heat, or to protect us if we get serious flu and lose body fluids quickly.  Fresh foods come out in spring and they are naturally going to allow us to flourish and change in a way that brings forth more energy and more sveltness, (my own word) without spending tons of money. Better weather with more sun wakes us up internally and emotionally and now we can focus on change.

So wait till March, and pay attention to February 2nd, Ground Hog Day, as Punxsutawney knows a lot more about nature.  Please don’t get in the Ground Hog Day loop like Bill Murray, of trying to resolution the new you in 2018, but relax and rest in itself is good health.

And enjoy finishing off those Christmas Cookies and Homemade Fudge.

What do you think?

Written by Dr. Dennie Dorall

MD ND DHM DWHH IAYT E-RYT Structural Integration Body Work/Reiki Master. Alternative Medical Doctor.

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