A fireplace mantel can be the trickiest part of a room to decorate. Because it’s so front and center, it’s no wonder why some people feel intimidated on where to begin. Fortunately, it’s easy to take your fireplace mantel from a blank slate to your favorite part of the room. Make your mantel a focal point, not a snooze fest with these tips below.

Highlight Your Collection of Keepsakes

If you have a collector’s spirit, it’s time to display those keepsakes and other items close to you out in the open where they belong. Take out your favorite pieces of artwork, memorabilia, vintage china, and more from the back of your closet and closed cabinet doors. Your fireplace mantel serves as a wonderful way to showcase the best pieces in your collection, as you’re bound to see and admire them just about every day.

For the best results, look for groupings in a similar style, color, form, or material. You could even decorate your mantle to mimic the seasons by swapping out pieces that match a certain color or theme. But the key to success when highlighting any collection is depth. Different-sized objects create the most appealing display.

Spotlight Your Artwork

It’s not hard for a fireplace to take command of a room. Plus, everyone’s eyes are already focused in that direction, so why not emphasize its importance? In that vein, put the spotlight on your favorite wall art prints by hanging those pieces above your fireplace to better admire them. Better yet, display your entire art collection on or around your mantel by hanging the largest piece or a pair of prints in the center and fill in the blanks with the rest of your art.

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Take advantage of all the surface space and rest your prints on the ledge to mix things up a bit. You can put an extra-large piece in the middle or place taller pieces to the side for a bit of symmetry and then fill in the rest of the space. Much like a winter wardrobe, it’s all about layering. Whether it’s the subject matter, color, or frames themselves, look for a common theme between your pieces.

Adopt a Greener Approach

Every space benefits from a little plant life. After all, did you know indoor plants help remove toxins from the air? Better yet, potted plants can complement your existing décor. If you’re going for large-scale wall art, choose plants and vases with big attitudes to complete the look, like large leafy ferns, trailing ivy, or drapey pothos.

If boho style is more your thing, look to your backyard for branches and greenery that you can pop into vases and bowls wherever you see fit. Minimalists can add an orchid to a sculptural piece or flank the mantle with a potted indoor tree or large floor plant. Pretty pots of succulents all in a row, or a couple of strategically placed plants of different sizes, will only enhance your fireplace mantel’s style.

Rearrange Your Fireplace Anytime

Whether it’s your treasured collections, favorite pieces of art, or a smattering of plants, your fireplace mantel is the perfect hub for your favorite things. No matter how you choose to style your mantle, remember that depth makes the layout more appealing and exciting. Feel free to rearrange your mantle whenever the mood strike; after all, it’s a simple, fuss-free way to keep your living space feeling fresh.

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