It’s no secret that most millennials love to travel. And why not? Traveling is a great way to learn about new places and discover different cultures. But most importantly, traveling is a great way to learn about themselves as they explore exciting places. 

Many might assume that young travelers would travel to take beautiful pictures that they can post on Instagram. But that is not always the case. Most millennials would prefer to visit places that offer authentic experiences, with a chance to socialize with locals and fellow millennials.

Below are the top five destinations every millennial should visit.

1. Ibiza

Research shows that younger travelers would rather go to Ibiza than Las Vegas when partying. And why not? This beautiful Mediterranean island is home to the best bars and clubs, with some of the world’s best DJs and partygoers flocking from all over. 

Ibiza may only be 40 km long from end to end, but it offers endless opportunities that capture the imagination of everyone who visits. It’s a perfect destination for millennials traveling solo or with friends or a partner in tow. And although it is usually during the summer months that you can best enjoy its crystal-clear waters, it’s also a great time to visit at any time of the year. In fact, there is always something to look forward to in Ibiza regardless of the season!

But if you’re here for the nightlife, you will have plenty of options. Large discotheques and sophisticated pubs line the islands, attracting thousands of partygoers. Some of the most popular venues are Amnesia, the Rock, Pacha, Es Paradis, and the list could go on.

2. Bali

Bali is an ideal destination for millennials wanting to go on a relaxing beach trip. Aside from its gorgeous landscape, Bali is famous for its unique cultural heritage. The island offers plenty of fun activities for all kinds of millennials, whether you love to party or go on adventures.

If you love to explore, rent a motorbike, and visit famous temples like Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and Ulun Danu. While you’re at it, take time to stop at some of the island’s most beautiful beaches, such as those in Kuta, Jimbaran, and Canggu. For those into nature and adventure, hiking the stunning rice fields would be a fun activity to consider. 

When evening comes, make your way to Seminyak, where you will find some of the island’s best bars and restaurants. Check out the Kuta Beach Road, lined with beach bars and clubs that cater to the younger crowd who loves to party and socialize.

3. The UK 

There are many reasons why millennials would love the UK. First, there’s the energetic and vibrant London that’s steeped in history and home to iconic landmarks and fantastic museums. For those who want to escape the urban environments, there’s the beautiful county of Yorkshire that offers endless opportunities for hiking and exploring. Scotland is also a big hit to the millennials, with its dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife.

While it’s possible to go on holiday in the UK without visiting London, the sprawling capital boasts numerous attractions that appeal to the millennials. For those interested in learning the UK’s rich history, check out the Tower of London, Natural History Museum, and the British Museum. Of course, make sure you experience the city’s vibrant nightlife scene, from Soho’s Disco Bonanza to The Hawley Arms in Camden.

For those who want to escape the urban life and explore the great outdoors, go glamping in Yorkshire and stay at Yorkshire glamping sites with hot tubs.

Wild camping brings you closer to nature, but if you aren’t there just yet, and don’t feel like braving it on the hills, then you are spoiled for choice with a huge range of cheap caravan holidays in Scotland too! The country is home to hundreds of campsites scattered in scenic coastal areas or beachside spots, complete with facilities and a parking site for your campervan, too.

4. Mexico 

Mexico continues to be one of the hottest travel destinations for millennials, especially the Riviera Maya, with its paradise of abundant nature, lush jungle, and stunning beaches. Best of all, Mexico is a great gay travel destination and is very welcoming to the members of the LGBTQ community.

Tulum in Mexico’s Rivera Maya is becoming a favorite hangout spot for millennials looking to get away from the more party-centric destinations of Quintana Roo. Los Cabos also appeals to trendy millennials who prefer to stay at luxury resorts while enjoying a round of golf. 

Of course, there’s Mexico City for those who love culture and history. The capital is also booming with nightlife and attracts millennials who love to party and socialize. Those who love history should check out San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city famous for its baroque architecture and thriving arts scene.

5. Italy

Italy is ideal for millennials who want to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, experience exciting adventures, and visit Instagram-worthy places. From the scenic canals of Venice, stunning vineyards of Tuscany to the cosmopolitan Rome and the craggy cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Italy is a dream destination for millennials of all kinds.

But there’s definitely more to this famous country than its classic draws. In the northern part of the country, you will find the scenic Lake Orta, which lies close to the border of Switzerland. Less famous than Lake Como and Lake Garda, Lake Orta is definitely a hidden gem of Italy. If you want to visit cities that are not crowded with tourists, Treviso is the perfect destination. With its beautiful, cobbled streets, mediaeval city walls and churches with frescoes, you have all the reasons to fall in love with this charming city. 

While Italy is great to visit during the summer months of July and August, the country is also well worth a visit at any time of the year, especially for millennials who want to seek off the beaten path destinations and other less crowded destinations in the country. Whether you are seeking authentic opportunities or want to dive into the local scene, there are plenty of things waiting for you to discover in this incredible country.