If you’re a huge sex enthusiast, then you already know how beneficial it is to own at least one sex toy. Even though talking about masturbating can be a bit inconvenient to some people, the truth is, everybody does it.

And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Why is that? Well, it’s because that’s something completely normal and natural, and above all, very healthy for you. What’s even better is the fact that today with the help of various toys you can further enhance this experience.

Fortunately, there are so many different types of sex toys because they come in various shapes and sizes. Now, if you haven’t used them before, yet you are yearning to be more familiar with them, stay tuned, and we’ll tell you everything!

Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

Hello, Valentine’s Day!

Whenever somebody mentions Valentine’s Day, most of us always think of something romantic where everything normally revolves around delicious candies, heart-shaped boxes, and flowers.

Although this scenario is very common, things have changed a lot in the past couple of years when it comes to this. And thanks to OnlyFans girls like Isla Moon, Lindsey Pelas, and Brittney Palmer, a plethora of people think that a vibrator and dildo are a much better gift.

The team at Hot Spot explained that many studies have shown that sex toy sales during this month go way up, around fifty percent. So if you’re inspired by this fact, and you want to surprise your loved one for the upcoming Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion), you can look online for some amazing sex toys-related ideas. This type of gift can enhance your sex life as well!

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The First Electric Vibrator & Female Hysteria

Who would have ever thought that the first vibrator was made back in the 1880s by Joseph Mortimer Granville, a British physician? He was the one who developed the first electromechanical sex gadget.

Now, back in the day, most people perceived hysteria as some sort of deemed disease, especially among women who had a “wandering womb” (a very unusual term). Namely, doctors thought that these women needed nothing more than lovemaking.

Or in other words, they thought that an out-of-this-world orgasm is going to improve their situation. That’s why American physician, George Taylor decided to come up with something very useful and designed the steam-powered sex gadget in 1869.

Is There Anything Else Worth Knowing?

Fifty Shades Of Gray And Bondage

It is widely known that Fifty Shades of Grey is filled with sexy and erotic scenes and a movie that is extremely popular, especially among women. Obviously, it has also positively impacted bondage sales as well.

Namely, according to a sex toys corporation called Adam and Eve, this film was responsible for a huge increase of more than fifty percent in sales.

The Most Expensive Vibrator

This should be a bonus fact that is definitely worth mentioning. Namely, for the time being, the most expensive vibrator costs 55,000 US dollars, and it features white gold that is covered with diamonds. Unbelievable!

For the Sex Enthusiast

As you can see, there are so many spectacular things most of us didn’t know about sex toys. If you haven’t used them before, and you are still having second thoughts, maybe this article will stimulate you to give them a try!

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