Investors know the value of looking for stocks that are gaining value. If you’ve been paying attention to the market, you might notice that the value of marijuana stocks continues to rise even as other stocks fall, making it a solid investment for those worried about how the current state of the economy will affect their shares. Below are just a few of the reasons why marijuana stocks continue to be so strong.

Increasing Legalization

Perhaps the most obvious reason why marijuana stocks are increasing value is because states are becoming increasingly likely to legalize cannabis, even if only at the medical level. At this juncture, the bulk of the states in the United States have either decriminalized cannabis usage or have made it legal to use in some circumstances. As legalization gains steam, so too will the value of those businesses that specialize in marijuana growth and distribution. In other words, as long as states keep approving it, the value of marijuana in the US will only go up.

A Relatively New Market

Marijuana stocks are also poised for growth because the market is still relatively new and untested. Twenty years ago, the idea of making legal money off of recreational marijuana would have been absurd, but now corporate entities are trying their best to enter that space. There seems to be a general feeling that investing in companies in this field could lead to massive upside potential once the industry is fully realized. There is still a lot of potential for new products to be developed, making lots of room for growth in an already lucrative industry.

The Money Factor

Another big reason why marijuana stocks are gaining is that marijuana-based businesses are doing well. Well-run dispensaries make significant profits and the states themselves are starting to see the monetary benefits of legalization. It is clear that not only is there money to be made in this space but also that money is already being made. Even now, more dispensaries are moving online, making their products more widely available and driving up the value of their companies. Any profitable industry will attract investors, so it should not be that surprising that marijuana stocks remain strong.

Medical Strength

Finally, there’s the fact that the marijuana industry can be considered to be the next big thing in the medical field. As Americans get older and the dangers of opioids become more clear, marijuana has increasingly become a part of the regular medical regimen. Soon, it may even reach the level of necessity in many people‚Äôs lives. While it’s not legal nationwide quite yet, its entry into the greater medical market will cause its value to skyrocket.

Outlook for Marijuana Stocks

While future growth is never a guarantee, marijuana stocks look very strong right now. Choosing to invest in this industry looks like a good way to make short-term profits and to get ahead of the curve for the future. As legislation changes and legalization looms, the marijuana industry seems to be a particularly strong industry in which to invest.