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There is no denying we are in uncertain economic times. And you’re not alone, everyone is freaking out. To help mitigate some of this anxiety, let’s turn to our financially-minded peers who can ease some of this pain with new financial strategies and inspiration.

We’ve decided to highlight the top podcasts for financial planning that are offering sound financial advice during the COVID crisis. From where best to invest to how to handle those money chores, listening to these podcasts will definitely stir up some motivation on how to fatten your wallet in tough times.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the man and voice behind the Smart Passive Income podcast. He started the show as a way to give back to his online entrepreneurial community. Over 60M downloads later, Pat has become an essential host on all things business, money, and family. He not only takes you behind the scenes of his own personal journey – specific strategies he applies to income diversification, but he also interviews experts in the space on how they apply their own techniques.

During the COVID crisis, Pat launched the “Emergency Episode” series to dive into the most pressing issues facing us financially and how to navigate the troubled (or perhaps, opportune) waters we are swimming in today. Check out the latest episode below.

***On a side note, Pat also started a YouTube video series called “The Income Stream” where he guides listeners on ways to pump up various revenue sources in times of crisis.

Afford Anything

Paula Pant is a former reporter turn self-employed writer turn real estate investor turn host of the popular money podcast Afford Anything. She has built her life and following on one principle: You can afford anything, but not everything. She applies this motto to every aspect of her life, of course including money, but also to her time, focus, energy and attention. The Afford Anything podcast dives heavily into practical ways to create financial freedom, and offers a realistic approach to climbing the “financial independent” ladder.

Check out her latest episode on the COVID crisis and how to brace for the impact of the economic stimulus fallout.

How To Money

Matt and Joel are the hosts of the How To Money podcast. This podcast combines two great pastimes – money & brew. When you tune into the How To Money podcast, be sure to grab a beer so you don’t feel left out when you hear the hosts cracking a cold one open. The unique part about this show is that in addition to getting some pretty great financial advice – everything from paying off debt, financing a mortgage or investing in the market, you learn about cool craft beer brands (bravo on the unique sponsors plug), and as a listener are made to feel like you’re part of the gang.

Check out the latest episode from Matt and Joel where they give some tips on ways to clean up your financial matters during quarantine.

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Written by Britt Hysen

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