You don’t need a reason to be happy. Just be. Happiness comes from within. Without it, exists at best stimulants that can help bring your happiness out. Your happiness however is already in you. So bring it out. Be happy! There’s nothing stopping you from being so. Be happy. You don’t have to finish a goal or undertake anything fully before you can be happy. Just be happy without a reason – because it exists without one inside you. Therefore bring out that part of yourself and smile. You suffered enough, now it’s time to unload the stress and just release the bullsh*t.

Happiness brings out the best in you. It opens doors, reveals opportunities and places you in the position of receiving favour. These are things we all want for ourselves so it’s almost unacceptable to think that we’re not always happy. Sometimes life throws you a lot of crap, sure – but the only way to navigate through that maze is to be optimistic. Optimism is a by product of happiness. Smile. You’ve made it this far, now reward yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to other people, even if you seem to be in the same boat. When you see someone succeed while you fail, that person could be in his chapter 20 while you just opened the book. Life doesn’t care about your perceptions of its pace. It’s bigger than you so respect it and conform to life!

Happiness is really simple, you just have to smile and it comes out by itself. Then you smile some more and it comes out even more. Then you smile a lot and next thing you know you’re joyful. Then you start laughing and are not just smiling anymore. You look in the mirror and you look so good. You can’t understand why anyone would have a grudge against you or not want you to smile. After all, your smile is so beautiful.

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So you start thinking differently and only want to do things that make your mood even better. Your confidence increases and you intend to accomplish things. Just because you believe in yourself. You work and even the monotonous don’t seem that way because you’re viewing them as part of the process to become successful so you take that upon yourself and work hard. Really hard! Then you relax after it’s finished and take a break. You come back and realize you succeeded. It makes you feel sky high. A form of euphoria shoots through your veins. You see yourself completely differently and start giving yourself a lot more self value. Your mood is excellent and you’re in control of your psyche, you’ve mastered your morale. Exhilarated you repeat the work process with bigger stakes to gain. And you’re not scared one bit.

Happiness! It exists in all of us but isn’t used by many. Even in the face of the greatest adversity we can still be happy. That’s why soldiers are optimistic and psyched up when they go to battle. Your life is your war to fight. Be the soldier who kicks ass and doesn’t take defeat lightly.

Smile. Be HAPPY!