Cannabis culture has gone mainstream! So mainstream that there are now “cannabis influencers.” And what better way to de-stigmatize the industry than to show how cannabis and CBD integrates with daily life. 

Sure, you have your heavy stoners and grow nerds, but you also have a burgeoning realm of individuals producing mindful media that inspires society to take a chill-pill when it comes to legal marijuana.

This week we celebrate the top cannafluencers who we believe are dominating the social sphere the right way. These individuals show the “seed to smoke” of weed culture, while teaching their followers the facts and trends of consumption.

Bess Byer

 Photo courtesy of Bess Byer

We LOVE Canna-Bess! This photographer and digital marketing maven out of Seattle makes weed look like a natural part of life. Bess Byer is a gem on social. Her photography is clean, sharp, and beautiful, and her community engagement reflects her values. She is as authentic as they come and makes “stoner chicks” look classy.

Bess has experienced and expressed the woes that come with cannabis marketing, having had her account deleted from Instagram several times throughout the last few years. Luckily, she’s been able to recover it each time, and has even shared a detailed blog about how she achieved success in her reclaim.

Be sure to check out her channel and website to learn more.

Kyle Kushman

  Photo courtesy of Kyle Kushman

Legendary cannabis cultivator, Kyle Kushman, is no stranger to weed culture. In fact, he’s been reporting on it as a correspondent for High Times over the last 20 years. Apart from shaping the cannabis community through media, Kyle is also a 13-time Cannabis Cup Winner  known for his organic farming techniques and Vegamatrix nutrient mix.

In 2016 he launched “The Grow Show” a podcast discussing the vast ways to grow and use every part of the cannabis plant, and recently started a Youtube show called “Grow Your Own” where he teaches consumers how to grow at home along with which products to test.

Keep up with Kyle on Instagram where he drops the latest.

Weed Jesus

   Photo courtesy of The Weed Jesus

Don’t be dissuaded by the name or costume, Weed Jesus is the real deal. Humble, kind, and funny, Weed Jesus is the living embodiment of Cannabis Christ Consciousness. You can spot Weed Jesus at various cannabis events in California and Nevada where he preaches a message of peace and love through shared cannabis experiences.

While his appearance may seem offensive to some Christians, we assure you, Weed Jesus respects the integrity of the nomenclature. He merely serves as a reminder to honor thy neighbor by puff, puff, passing.

Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram and check out his new show “Never the Last Supper” in partnership with NothingMag TV.