Travel chargers are the latest rage, but not every pack comes with a micro power strip. Belkin’s Travel Rockstar has everything you could possibly need to charge up all your devices. This mobile battery pack comes equipped with a USB port, dual-outlet charging, and a surge protector to make sure you and your friends stay powered up.

Ever find yourself sharing the only available outlet at a café or the library? Now you and one other can sit back and relax as your computer charges up with this all-inclusive and conveniently sized charging pack.

And when not plugged into a wall unit, the battery pack turns into the ultimate charger. With 3000 mAh of power, the Travel RockStar will become the life of the party…literally…as your phone will easily be able to keep the tunes going while having enough juice to recharge your phone’s battery twice.

For those times when the battery is running low, just simply recharge the Travel RockStar at any outlet and you’re good to go for the next roundabout. To make this product even better, its sleek and lightweight design allows the pack to easily slip into a pocket, purse, backpack, or laptop bag without creating extra bulk.

Retailing for $59.99, the Travel RockStar is available in retail stores as well as through the Belkin website.