Plan to have a great time in Gainesville? This most populated metropolitan area in Florida may have been in your bucket list of a long time. It’s highly regarded medical facilities, the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, are some of the institutions that lure students, parents and tourists worldwide may have also captured your curiosity.Β 

You may want to explore its downtown area, which is always bustling with people dining out or enjoying live music, public art, and nightlife. Its surrounding areas have numerous neighborhoods and businesses of all sizes.

As many people want to live and visit Gainesville, the number of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians on the roads and highways also increased. It made the city so populated that road congestion and accidents happen every day, especially at intersections.

There are many motor accidents in Gainesville crossroads. You may exercise your utmost driving skills to avoid these reckless souls on the road, but accidents are sometimes inevitable. But one of the best things in Gainesville, there are many reputable defenders to help you just in case you run into a mishap or have to deal with car accident injuries.

It’s one of those cities with many capable accident lawyers to represent you and help pursue your claims. They will take over the tricky settlement and other legal procedures so you can be free to complete the activities you originally planned.

A little orientation to some of Gainesville’s hazardous crossings can help you be more careful and watchful as you pass through them. You’ll have more chances at avoiding those unfortunate circumstances while on these roads.

Some Dangerous Intersections In Gainesville

  1. Northwest 22nd Street And The West University Avenue IntersectionΒ 

It’s the intersection to the north of the main campus of the University of Florida. Since it is within the university belt, there are a lot of young drivers and people jamming the streets.

Some drivers, especially millennial drivers, either ignore the flashing yellow yield arrow provided by the signal or choose not to yield to oncoming traffic despite the flashing of the arrow markers.Β 

There have been many tragic accidents along this intersection. It is why the speed limit was recently reduced to 25 miles per hour. There are also many speed control devices in these areas. It’s to keep people from crossing through these intersections and avoid getting involved in fatal accidents.

  1. Northwest 34th Street And Northwest 39th Avenue

This intersection is reportedly one of those that caused many vehicular collisions. The government reported 4,306 car crashes for the last eleven months in Alachua County.

It included incidents from Gainesville and nearby cities. The report also said that the intersection at Gainesville’s Northwest 39th Avenue and 34th Street was the most dangerous in the county.Β 

According to the data collected from incidents in the region over a three-year period, the majority of these collisions involved automobiles. The remaining percentage involved pedestrians and some bikers.

  1. The North Interstate 75 And Southwest Archer Road

Gainesville came in ninth place out of the 36 Florida communities with a population of 75,000 or more in a research by the Florida Department of Transportation that looked at which ones had the most significant accidents involving pedestrians and fatalities between 2016 and 2020.

Archer Road is one known congested roadway due to the presence of well-known hotels, flats, restaurants, and stores. Because of its ideal location, Exit 384 off Interstate 75 at Archer Road is one of its commonly used exits in Gainesville.

This intersection is home to one of the highest concentrations of commercial buildings in all of Gainesville. Though the speed limit is already at 45 mph, many drivers in this area are still known for tailgating. These drivers will drive dangerously close to you if you are not that watchful.

Final Thoughts

There are many dangers and hazards in these Gainesville intersections. You may find some of the other equally dangerous highways in the links provided in this section.Β 

Be careful may have been used in many contexts. But in busy cities and streets like those in Gainesville, you have to really be careful. It is for you to accomplish an exciting and remarkable time without any mishap.Β