There are a lot of factors when it comes to what people want in their ideal partner. Some examples are looks, personality, the way they dress, their religion, and even their sense of humor. While all those are common for people to take into consideration right away, one factor that tends to spark interesting conversations when brought up is age.

For some individuals, age is among the characteristics that would determine whether they’ll engage in a relationship with someone; for others, it’s not a crucial factor at all. Depending on who you talk to, age is either just a number or so much more than a number. And although sometimes people assume that age is directly related to maturity, that’s not often the case.

When it comes down to it, there are so many other aspects that are more important between two people that care about each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman interested in an older man, a single guy that wants to find success meeting cougars, or someone who doesn’t even consider age, finding the right partner is COMPLICATED!

Often, the biggest objections to relationships with a large age gap come from the outside. These types of relationships are more common than you think but don’t always fall within what people consider to be “normal” dating behavior. The pressure to date someone your own age is real but that doesn’t mean it’s right

There are certainly some issues that can arise in a relationship because of an age gap but they tend to be relatively minor. We don’t think it’s a great reason to hold you back if you’re really interested in someone.

Here are some reasons age shouldn’t matter in a relationship:

1. It Puts A Limit On Your Happiness

In the wider scheme of things, limiting your relationship pool to a particular age group or range may be a form of limiting your happiness. There are people who date only within their age group and those close to their age and constantly get their heart broken. Such individuals may blame themselves for their failed relationships, which could be damaging in the long run when they start losing their self-confidence.

When you actively make age an important factor in your relationships, it causes you to completely disregard the idea that your happiness may lie outside of your age range. You end up focusing on how old someone is rather than how intelligent, kind, or interesting they are.

Seeing age as just a number, on the other hand, will allow you to love someone for who they are as a person. It will also open up new opportunities for you to find love because you’ll no longer be afraid to explore other options.

Of course, if you’re a bit apprehensive because you’ve never dated someone much older or younger than you, there are ways to find out what you should expect from doing so. For example, if the older individual you’re interested in happens to be a single mom, you can check websites like for some great advice.

2. It Does Not Indicate Maturity

Maturity differs from person to person, and more often than not, age has nothing to do with it. For instance, a 25-year-old woman could be more mature than a 35-year-old man.

Maturity is not attached to age but rather is in the way someone behaves, the way they think, and their intellectual capacity, among other things. There are numerous aspects to it, including emotional maturity and physical maturity. You may find it more worthwhile to date someone you can talk to on an intellectual level rather than an immature person who’s within your age range.

3. It Hinders Learning And Growth

People within your age range usually think the way you do and engage in the same activities you enjoy. Because of that, romantic relationships with them may become boring for you and leave very little room for learning. This is especially true if you’re dating someone who’s not only your age but also close-minded.

When you don’t limit yourself to a certain age range, you may encounter more opportunities to learn about matters that your peers might be unfamiliar with or unaware of. For example, a man your age may have had a completely different experience of life from another who’s a decade older, so it wouldn’t hurt to consider dating the latter, especially if he’s also compatible with you.

Growing in a relationship is important. If you and your partner are of different ages, then you may be able to learn a number of things from each other, resulting in growth as individuals and as a couple.

4. It Prevents You From Focusing On The Relationship 

The essence of a good relationship doesn’t lie in either person’s age but in the experiences they share together. Most people want a life partner and a person they feel comfortable around. When you don’t make age a significant factor in your romantic relationships, you can focus on the qualities of the other person and the good things they bring to your life.

When you have a premade list of characteristics you want your future partner to have and you just keep ticking boxes, you might ignore some of the amazing people you come across. Not focusing on one’s age will allow you to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s maturity and intellectual capacity and discover what it is you’ve been really looking for in a partner.

Age Is Just A Number

It’s important to have expectations in a relationship, but they shouldn’t be dependent on the date found on the other person’s birth certificate. And although some members of society may not approve of age difference between a couple, you should prioritize your and your partner’s happiness and focus on the strong connection you have with them. That way, you can have a truly rewarding relationship for years to come. Who knows, perhaps the secret to a happy relationship lies outside the concept of age.