Best Home Security Packages on the Market Today

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With all the stories today about home invasions, it’s no surprise that people are concerned about home security packages. Finding the best system depends upon your personal needs, but you should definitely assess some of these specific items. These might make your life just a little easier and your home just a bit safer.

Basic Home Security Packages

When you’re looking at a home security package and app, you want to make sure you can procure a basic package. Generally, sensors for the doors and windows are a part of that, since that is how criminals usually get into homes. These sensors should call the police once activated.

Motion Detectors and Glass-break Sensors

Depending upon the needs of your home, you will likely want to look into one of these features too. For example, you may have a window that does not open. Even though you can’t open the window to let fresh air into the house, that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t smash it to gain entry into your dwelling.

Fire and Smoke

In addition to calling for help in the event of a break-in, your system should also contact the fire department if it detects fire and smoke. Plenty of systems today do offer this service, and you can speak with a representative to determine how many you should have for your home.

Carbon Monoxide

This substance is particularly dangerous because you cannot smell or see it. A carbon monoxide detector that blares a sound and contacts the authorities is particularly useful if you are concerned about your pets when you are out of the house.

Natural Gas

You might turn on the heat every winter and put on the stove each night without thinking too much about the gas that is used to power these devices. While natural gas does not often cause leaks or explosions in homes, it can happen. Choosing a security system with a natural gas sensor can help you to have the authorities at your house before a tragedy strikes.


Another major issue that could happen in your home is a flood. You might come home from an outing only to discover several inches of water in the basement. If you have a system that offers flood detection, you will know about the problem as soon as the system does.

Security Cameras

Detecting what’s happening in your house is crucial, but you also want to see what is going on around the outside. Installing security cameras around the perimeter of your house gives you stronger confidence that if an incident occurs, you’ll be able to figure out who did it.

Motion Lights

Putting up motion lights around your house is also a wise decision. If a criminal wants to break into the house, he or she might have second thoughts when a light suddenly shines down upon him or her. Lights can also give you a greater sense of security when you’re walking into a dark house alone.

Response Time

In addition to looking into the different types of problems that the system can monitor for, you also want to check into how long it takes for emergency services personnel to respond to the issues. Selecting a company that is known for having a fast response time is well.

Monitoring through Cell Phone

On top of the monitoring offered directly through the security company, you can also look into systems that allow you to see what is going on at your house through your cell phone. This method is also particular useful for households with pets or when parents leave kids alone for the first time. The best home security systems include ADT monitoring as part of the service which makes it more convenient for homeowners.

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Written by Eileen O'Shanassy

Eileen O'Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking.

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