Shopping is therapy, and shopping is fun; let’s just say that shopping is a necessity. From daily needs and wants to luxuries, we can access everything only when we shop, and although it may sound like a super simple activity that any and every one can accomplish, it needs some basic skills. Skills that are easy to learn and adapt will surely make shopping exciting. Come, let’s learn about super simple makeshift shopping skills that are truly value-adding in your human life resume.

Be a Goldsmith, Not Just Another Miner

Beauty catches the eye of the beholder, and a worthy product catches the eye of the smart shopper. Not entering a store just cause it’s another one of those dollar stores or thrift shops is a major mistake many people commit. It is important to visit these outlets once in a while as many times products are discarded due to small defects or very legit-looking first copies have been found at these stores. Some thorough search is all you need to unlock your next treasure chest. 

P.S.: Morning and afternoon are the best time to visit these stores due to less crowds.

Proudly Negotiate, No Shame In Bargaining!

Liars are the ones who say they don’t enjoy negotiating with the buyers. You can achieve whopping discounts using some simple negotiating exercises. Plenty of negotiation tactics are available for those who want to brush up on their negotiating skills. Remember that these are acquired! 

If you aren’t too confident, then go with a friend who knows to bargain like the back of their hand. You can always start with a street vendor selling goods in a familiar area, start with a price reasonable enough for both of you. If the seller doesn’t budge, say thank you and start moving. If they call you back or ask you to wait, then they are definitely up to sell their goods. If they don’t approach, then at least you tried!

Question of the century ‘Do you really want it’?

Just because Jessica bought a new purse that does not imply that you need it too. It is very important to distinguish between wants and needs while on a shopping spree. Shoppers are known to add unwanted, unnecessary objects to their trolly, fawning over it for one hour straight and never using it ever again. The best way to help yourself is by creating a list and a budget before stepping outside the door. 

Fill your trolley with the stuff you aimed to buy first, and only after you have ensured that essentials are covered you make use of the remaining money and fulfill your wishes. Alright, it isn’t as easy as it sounds but try imagining yourself going broke; that surely helps.

Too much or too good?

The battle between quantity and quality is never-ending. Though this argument is eternal, there are some solutions that we can provide. Sure, there is no comparison between the two, it is necessary to understand what role the two things play. If you have a huge family, then settling with quantity over quality is crucial as one very good quality product for one child instead of multiple average products for all the children seems more sensible. But if you have sufficient money on your hands, then buying a product of good quality in good quantity at a fair deal is the perfect choice. Preferably compromising in quality should be a rare occasion.


Shopping should be more fun and less stressful; provided that you set your limits straight to ensure you don’t go ahead wasting your resources on unnecessary aspects. Too many shopping lists can spoil the broth so let’s just follow a simple process of getting our cart out of the glass door.

How do you like to shop? Let us know which skills you instill in your shopping schedules.