The vintage interior is taking us by storm and there isn’t a single corner of a house that is excluded from this trend. Such a style can fit into any home, it can be adjusted to every room and even become a part of your exterior. A vintage-inspired interior can transform your house into a peaceful oasis and, with a little effort, you can end up living a magnificent home.

You can think that this style is outdated, but if you take a closer look at every style that designers are recommending for the upcoming year, a glimpse of retro style can be noticed. Whether they decide to add some chic decorations or opt for breathtaking old-fashioned pieces of furniture, the overall feel of this style goes well with any other design.

How to combine retro with another style?

If you don’t want to transform your entire house into a vintage heaven, don’t worry – there’s a compromise. You can add numerous stylish accessories to your room and these will blend into your design perfectly. What’s great is that many designers are already doing this; so, if you take a closer look into modern interiors, you’ll probably see a dash of old Hollywood glamour.

There are few options you can opt for and lift up the look of your space. For instance, you can place a big centerpiece that will become the statement part of the room, and try to incorporate it into the rest of the furniture. This can break the pattern you are trying to create and make everything more interesting. Alternatively, if you are afraid of big changes, a visit to a local flea market can be rather beneficial as you can find some great accessories there – from lamps and ashtrays to coffee tables and newspaper stands, and everything in between.

Living room

A wide range of transformations can be done in the living room and this focal point of the entire house can become a great place to showcase your decorating skills. When it comes to walls, you can choose wallpapers and stay true to the vintage style. Just pay attention to a pattern you chose, take into consideration that this will become the basis for everything else you want to include, and start from there.

There is another great option you need to look into – wall tapestries are becoming more and more popular and you can choose one bold color to highlight your idea. Big rugs are also a must and you can even try the rising trend of layering rugs to give a little depth to your room. Of course, you don’t have to follow the rules strictly, so don’t be afraid to improvise with your furniture and decor. For example, a big leather ottoman can be a great addition to your seating area: just place a wooden personalized lap tray on top of it and you’ll be ready to welcome guests.


A well-designed bedroom can influence your sleep and lower your stress level, so it’s crucial to make it cozy and peaceful. Hang some ornaments on your walls; everything from your travel memorabilia to old frames with your family pictures will be a great feature. Make a few shelves and display your family heirlooms, painted plates you’re particularly proud of, as well as your favorite figurines.

Don’t stop there, so when choosing your bedding and linen, go for some retro patterns and accentuate your bed with a few great additions. Place some colorful pillows onto your bed and create a sleeping sanctuary. For maximum impact, you can add timber doors to complete the look with a touch of nature and create a natural flow. Adding details like this can make quite a difference and add some balance to your design.


We’ve all seen those great tubs in the center of a bathroom and imagined what it would feel like to own one ourselves. So, why don’t you do something special for yourself and place one in your bathroom? Combine a great white tub with a bronze faucet and complete the look with some grey flooring.

Antiques are the backbone of retro design and bathroom is no exception, so find some great additions you can include here. A big golden mirror, a decorative curtain, a big sink, and antique cabinets are some of the items that can fit well into the style you’re trying to pull off. However, be careful to choose colors that go together – you can never go wrong with a black and white combination, so use this mixture for your tiles or towels. Of course, polka dots are unavoidable when it comes to retro bathrooms.

Kitchen and dinner room

Whether you prefer a small or a huge table, three or four vintage chrome chairs will go well with any choice you make. To match these, hang some pendant lights above them and your dining room will be ready in a minute.

For those with a larger budget, buying new appliances can be a great experience and a throwback appliances are a wonderful choice. Everything from retro ovens to fridges can be bought with those curves and colors that scream 1920s design. One last thing you simply have to add to your kitchen is a rock flooring which will not only be easy to clean, but also add some twist to the overall design. Add some style to it and place a fluffy rug onto your floor to keep you warm while you’re cooking.

It’s not that hard to see why more and more people are including vintage style into their homes. The aesthetic of the old times can never become outdated, nor replaced with some shiny elements. Consistency is the key to amazing results that will surely leave your guests breathless as soon as they enter your home. All the suggestions above are just a guide, but the most important rule is to let your creativity run wild, and to free your inner bohemian.