Rustic Solid Wood Console Tables: A Brief Guide

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In 2021, rustic style is one of the most popular interior design styles. Natural materials, rough textures and warm hues are popular in this style, which adds a wild and organic touch to people’s homes. Purchasing rustic-styled furniture or accessories to decorate your home is the simplest way to achieve a fantastic rustic vibe. This article is going to introduce a type of rustic furniture known as ‘Rustic Solid Wood Console Table’, which is both decorative and functional. It will also provide you with some inspiration for where you may put a rustic solid wood console table in your home.

What is Rustic Solid Wood Console Table?

Simply to say, rustic solid wood console table is a kind of console table that is primarily made of a solid wood species, such as pine wood, mango wood, fir wood, walnut, etc. To form a rustic appearance, these raw wood materials are typically lightly treated or untreated, resulting in the wood grain finish and a rough touch. Aside from wood, it’s trendy to incorporate metal elements into rustic entry tables, which creates a contrast with the wood surfaces and adds a layered feeling.

Rustic solid wood console tables are very strong and have a large load-bearing capacity due to the raw wood and even metal materials used. They’re also long-lasting and safe for use in the home. However, maintaining an entryway table can be difficult because raw wood is more easily damaged by sharp objects or polluted by chemicals.

Because rustic furniture favors a raw, unfinished aesthetic, so the design of this type of console table is also simple. Console tables with Streamlined square or rectangular shaped console tables are more common to see. Nonetheless, you’re still able to find tables with unusual shapes that may retain the original shape of tree trunks.

Although storage is not the primary function of rustic solid wood console tables, some of them will include additional drawers or shelves, making them easier to integrate into modern homes.

5 Best Places to Put a Solid Wood Console Table

Rustic solid wood console tables in various designs and functions can suit nearly anywhere in the house, this section is will recommend 5 ideal locations:

Entryway: As the entrance of a house is the most common location for a console table, console tables are usually called as entryway tables. They offer a large surface for placing keys, purses, and other necessities, as well as displaying small green plants and ornaments without taking up too much floor space. Adding a rectangular weathered wood console table to your entryway will evoke a rustic and warm accent to your home. Furthermore, the streamlined design allows it to perfectly fit into the small area when entering the house without completely occupying your walkway. If your entryway is small, consider a narrow rustic console table.

Behind the sofa: The main function of the console table behind the sofa is to divide the room into two sections, preventing your living room from being left with a large open space. Because of their large size and dark color, rustic solid wood console sofa tables are an obvious boundary. Not to mention that the spacious table top could hold lots of stuff, such as a luxurious lamp, several books and faux or real plants. You can choose a console sofa table  with extra shelves or drawers to help you control the clutter in your living room.

Against a large empty wall: If you find a blank wall in your home is bare and boring, placing a console table could be a good way to fill and decorate it. Rustic reclaimed wood console table naturally fit for this place because of its weathered look and spectacular appearance. It makes you feel energized and inspiring even if you don’t decorate it. To complete the rustic look, add large-scale decor such as a large art piece, a large flower vase, or hang a mirror above the table.

In the bedroom: As a consequence of their powerful storage function, console tables are frequently used as a nightstand or vanity in the bedroom. Because many rustic console tables are designed with 2 or 3 shelves and built in a narrow shape, they are ideal for bedrooms. As a night table, they provide heaps of storage for your bedroom must-haves, such as lamps, candles, storage baskets or a dose of books, while bringing a wild and rustic vibe to your home. When used as vanities, you can place a small mirror on the top, and store your cosmetics in the drawers.

As a TV stand: If your living room or bedroom is limited in space, you may consider using a narrow console table as the TV stand. Compared with traditional TV stands, console tables are more suitable for thin or long televisions. Moreover, the airy and thin design makes your space feel tidy and clean. Why rustic solid wood console tables are suitable for bedrooms? Firstly, because they’re made of natural wood, they are strong enough to support your TV as well as other entertainment devices. Second, many of them come with extra shelves or drawers for storing your DVDs and gaming consoles. Last, the rustic accent could blend with the rest of decor easily.

How to Style a Rustic Solid Wood Console Table?

Since rustic solid wood console table usually takes a natural and warm accent, decorating a beautiful console table is as simple as 3 steps. This decorating advice will use a 2-shelf rustic entryway table as an example.

Starting from the bottom shelf, it’s recommended to fill the space with large-sized items. For example, a large basket, greenery or a wooden lantern. To make your space less monotonous, mix and match different sized or shaped decorations. You can also add several wooden signs to complete the lower shelf and add more personal touches to this space. 

The next step is to complete the wall against the table. When using the rustic solid wood console table be as an accent table, you are supposed to decorate the wall. A large piece of art, a mirror that hangs on the wall or leans against the wall or gallery wall frames, or anything that could tie the table and wall together, giving you a complete look for any empty wall in your house.

The generous solid wood tabletop, of course, is the last thing to be decorated. To begin, arrange some tall items, such as lamps, flower vases, candles, tiered trays, and so on. Allow your tall items to intersect with the art or mirror on the wall as the focal point, which helps to tie the table and wall together. After you’ve added tall items, you can add some small ornaments or books to make your scheme layered with varying heights. Finally, whether you style the table top symmetrically or asymmetrically, you will add different kinds of beauty to your space.


Rustic solid wood console tables are available in many wood species, styles, colors and storage functions. Their presence in entryway, living room, bedroom, and even against a big empty wall may serve a different purpose, but they all add a natural and warm accent to your home. As long as the previously mentioned principles are followed, decorating a rustic console table is simple and enjoyable. Do you have other creative ideas for decorating the rustic entryway table? Let us know in the comments section below!

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